STEP brings LifeTrail equipment to South Williamsport Park Complex

The popular walking paths of the South Williamsport Park Complex now feature additional attractions — seven LifeTrail Wellness Stations. The LifeTrail Advanced Wellness System, which are easily spotted green-and-yellow stations located directly off the paved path, promotes the essential elements of good health for older adults, from good posture and balance, to greater flexibility, strength and endurance.

The most common form of outdoor recreation among adults is walking. LifeTrail equipment encourages adults to add beneficial exercises into their trail use. The suggested series of exercises at each station provides many benefits, from emulating natural movement patterns for greater ease with real-life tasks to the use of body weight to build strength, and a progressive, variable approach to workouts that will keep them fun and challenging even as fitness levels improve.

Large images and text make the instructions easy to read and understand. Safety bars help beginners get accustomed to the equipment, but can be relied upon less as comfort level grows. Three of the stations are wheelchair/ADA accessible.

Anyone can use the stations, but for more information, call Autumn Noll at 570-601-9592.