Name That Tune

Trivia is all-the-rage in Williamsport. Trivia games can be played almost every night of the week at many local establishments and a new music-related trivia game, “Name That Tune Trivia,” is being held from 8 to 10 p.m. Thursday nights at Smokey Jo’s, 1324 W. Third St.

“Name That Tune Trivia,” hosted by local musician Ron Fleeger, is a music-only trivia game. It consists of four rounds of 10 questions, where teams of up to six players answer various questions given by Fleeger. One point is awarded for every correctly answered question a team provides. Players may not use their cellphones or other devices to look up the answers.

Prizes are given to the three teams with the most points. Prizes include third place, beer-related promotional items; second place, a round of drinks for all team members; and first place, a $25 gift certificate to Smokey Jo’s.

Fleeger said he was asked by Sam Williams, who previously hosted the trivia game, to take over hosting responsibilities for him. Fleeger began hosting in December.

“I took the gig because it’s an area of interest for me,” Fleeger said. “I like doing the music trivia though, because I think it sets the game apart from other bar trivias.”

He said he shadowed Williams his last week so he could get a feel for the game. He now is trying to build on what Williams had established as well as mix in his own ideas..

Fleeger asks general music trivia questions such as, who is the lead singer of a band, what band performs a certain song or what was the name of a band’s first album.

He also plays clips of songs to mix things up.

“Some of the clips are name that tune questions but mostly I try to change it up with complete the lyrics or what movie is this song from or who covered this song,” Fleeger said.

The questions are related to many different musical genres including pop, rock, classic rock, punk, metal, oldies, music from television shows and movies, country, hip-hop and more.

Fleeger said he likes to rotate the genres and keep the questions random and rooted in pop culture as not to get too obscure. He tries to walk the line of making sure the questions aren’t too easy for participants but at the same time, not so difficult that they are nearly impossible.

“I like that this is a more specific type of game,” Fleeger said. “I know personally I don’t excel at things like sports trivia, so this is more my kind of trivia and it’s pretty cool for music lovers.”

Fleeger said participation has been steady in his first month of hosting the game and he has had a lot of participants who come back week after week.

He also enjoys creating the questions each week and takes constructive feedback from participants on question ideas or other ways to improve the game.

“I get to finally use a bunch of seemingly useless knowledge that I’ve been accumulating over the years for something other than bothering my wife and friends,” he said.

Fleeger said he plans to host the trivia at Smokey Jo’s for as long as the demand stays strong. If the opportunity to expand to other locations presents itself, he said he would be interested, but for now, he is just focusing on making sure his Smokey Jo’s participants have the most fun.

“I want the music trivia to be fun and challenging so people want to come back,” Fleeger said.

For more information about Smokey Jo’s, visit them on Facebook.