Wiggin’ Out About TV: “Buckwild” on MTV

Apparently for 2013, rednecks are taking over. And of course, MTV would jump on that bandwagon.

But please, MTV, could you have taken a little bit more original approach to this trend?

Basically, MTV took the “Jersey Shore” concept and switched out guidos who like to drink for backwoods, Virginia hicks who like to drink. Don’t get me wrong, there are differences between the two. “Buckwild” features a cast of some REALLY redneck people as well as others who are not redneck at all, but embrace the “lifestyle.” They don’t live in a glitzy shore house and they all aren’t obsessed with themselves.

The show features nine cast members – three boys and six girls – who all are hometown kids that vary in their shades of hickishness. Cast members are Shain “Gandee Candy,” Anna “The Ringleader,” Ashley “The Tomboy,” Shae “The Spicy Southern Belle,” Joey “Justin Beaver,” Cara “The Firecracker,” Tyler “The Pretty Boy,” Katie “The College Girl” and Salwa “Bengali in Boots.”

Their nicknames are not as original as JWoww and Snookie; they’re actually pretty bland.

The first episode, which aired on Jan. 3, introduced the crew and gave audiences a little taste of what to expect.

The person that stood out to me the most was Shain for the simple fact that this kid is so redneck he needs subtitles. That’s always a good time. He seems like a down-home kid that is hard working at the same time. He seems sweet, but stupid. And he likes the ladies.

Another incident that happened in the first episode was a big fight between Anna, ‘The Ringleader” and their neighbor woman. It’s a little confusing as to whether the cops get called or not, because you don’t actually see any police. It’s a violent fight, resulting in the two women rolling around on the ground, punching and kicking. I’m sure this is a good role model in the making. The cast gets kicked out of their house because of too many noise complaints, but immediately find a new one, more secluded so they can be loud and redneck some more.

Many of the cast members are in college, including Shae, “The Spicy Southern Belle,” who is in school for nursing and Katie, who’s nickname says it all, “The College Girl.” I wonder why they would put themselves on a TV show that depicted them drinking and wreaking havoc all over West Virginia when they are trying to establish a career for themselves.

I was bored watching the show. The girls go to a bar, Cara, “The Firecracker,” ditches her friends for a boy and they “hook up.” (Which no one still knows the definition because everyone has their own meaning of the term.) The gang goes “muddin'” where they whip around in a truck and drive through mud puddles. (Okay, it kind of looks fun.)

My questions were, are these people old enough to drink? How are they getting home? How do they get money to go out and live on their own? (Call this my practical side, I guess.)

I’m having a hard time believing MTV will be able to work their magic again. I forsee possibly one season for “Buckwild,” but I may be wrong. These kids are just too bland. They don’t have big personalities like the “Jersey Shore” cast did. They don’t do enough scandalous things, you just expect them to talk in a southern draw and live on farms.

Again, I could be wrong. But I hope I’m not. Watch “Buckwild” on Thursdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.