Battle of the bands

It’s not all sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll for local bands Audiobox, Center City Villains and Wonder Chunk. On Feb. 22, the three groups will perform at The Cell Block, 154 W. Third St., with no other intention than to raise money for breast cancer awareness. This comes after a month of gigs, the earnings of which all went toward that cause. Local promoting company The Scene booked shows throughout the area for the three bands as well as for The Running Joke and Skinny Rinkus, neither of whom will be playing at The Cell Block Feb. 22.

“All money raised will go directly to the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Awareness,” said The Scene’s Jen Rupert.

Venues like the Valley Inn, 204 Valley St., Smokey Jo’s, 1324 W. Third St., and the Mill Tavern, 319 Broad St., Montoursville, have participated, with the final show ushering in The Cell Block’s Annual Beach Party Weekend.

“Every year, right about [this] time, everyone’s had just about enough of the Winter. We like to throw the party to give people a chance to escape the winter blues, even if only for a couple hours [sic],” said the Cell Block’s Josh Hertwig.

Neville’s Flowers of Montoursville will make sure The Cell Block’s bar is adorned in tropical flowers.

“We use [Neville’s] frequently for short-term decorations,” Hertwig explained. Beach decorations that The Cell Block has stockpiled over the course of the past eleven years for just such occasions will be on display, as well as a mechanical surfboard for more uninhibited patrons to try their luck on.

“We’ve also got … DJ Ikon spinning in the main room and tons of beach-themed giveaways for the customers,” Hertwig added. The Cell Block will also be offering drink specials.

When asked how The Cell Block became the venue for the last performance in a string of charity-focused shows, Hertwig said it was simple, “We actually got involved with the event through our booking agent (Frank Annunziata of Anderson Entertainment, The Scene) contacted him about the idea and he brought it to me. We are always looking for ways to get involved with charities and we saw this as a great opportunity.”

Hertwig said he’s “done little besides host the party,” and that The Scene’s Jen Rupert deserves the real credit: “She really put this event together,” he said.

Then of course, there are the bands. Hertwig graciously added that “without them (Audiobox, Center City Villains and Wonder Chunk), this event wouldn’t even be possible; they’re donating their time.”

For those interested in donating their time, a quick zip-code entry on the American Cancer Society’s website ( will return a list of the events happening in or near their town. Events like Relay for Life and Daffodil Days from here to Philadelphia occurring from now until the end of 2013 are displayed at the click of a button.

The Playing for Pink benefit concert will start at 9 p.m. Feb. 22 at The Cell Block and include local bands Audiobox, Center City Villains and Wonder Chunk. Patrons can expect their $5 at-the-door donation to go directly to the American Cancer Society and more specifically, toward raising breast cancer awareness.

The bands will begin at 10 p.m. and play until the doors close at 2 a.m. For more information on The Cell Block visit them online at or For more information on the American Cancer Society and other ways you can get involved visit them online at Audiobox, Center City Villains, and Wonder Chunk can all be found on Facebook.