Happy Hour with The Nobodys at Arts Center

The Nobodys, a group of four Williamsport musicians, will perform from 5 to 8 p.m. on Feb. 13 at the Community Arts Center’s Capitol Lounge, 220 W. Fourth St., for the first time.

The Nobodys, a rock and soul group, is made up of Oscar Eldridge, Al Meck, Roy Pursel and Collin Beatty, who met at the house of a former member of the band, Blair Mitcheltree.

“We just started jamming and we liked the way it sounded,” Eldridge, the group’s guitarist said.

The Nobodys have been playing together for almost six years, and have accumulated a strong fanbase in the Jersey Shore and Williamsport area. They’ve played at local venues such as Rumrunner’s Pub and Eatery, The Kast Hotel, the Trail Inn and also for private parties, including pig roasts and get-togethers.

While some of the members are in other bands as well, The Nobodys have been working on original material, incorporating it into their setlists. The band has a strong musical background, citing influences like The Doors, Otis Redding and The Animals.

Meck personally named Jimi Hendrix as an inspiration, as well as Curtis Mayfield and Miles Davis.

“Roy [Pursel] listens to everything. I mean, everything from Sinatra to Hank Williams,” Eldridge said of his bandmate.

The Nobodys see their extensive taste in music as a way to give the band a variety in what they can play.

“We have a wide range of music that we play, but we like to say we play soul and classic rock,” Eldridge said. “The keyboard and horn you hear in that music, we play with our guitars. We like music that has a lot of emotion, makes people dance.”

As for the continuously growing music scene in Williamsport and surrounding areas, The Nobodys are proud to be part of a movement that is so community oriented.

“You know, 10 years ago, there were only a couple bands. Now it’s grown,” Meck said.

“Another great part is the Uptown Music Collective,” Eldridge said. “Our drummer, Collin Beatty used to teach there. He’s been a godsend.”

The band also appreciates that the music community gives back to where they came from. The Nobodys have played many benefits, including for fellow musicians when they were down on hard times.

While music isn’t a full-time gig for the band, Meck said he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I love playing on the weekends, I’d rather be playing music than anything else,” he said.

For their set at the Capital Lounge, The Nobodys might even get into the romantic mood of things for upcoming Valentine’s Day.

“Yeah, we’ll play some lovey, dovey music, some smooth music,” Eldridge said.

Meck added, “We’re definitely excited to play at the CAC. It’s a really cool venue.”

For more information and upcoming events on The Nobodys, you can find them on Facebook, email at nobodysthe@yah oo.com or contact Eldridge at 974-6241.