Introducing the Williamsport Flute Choir

The city of Williams-port can now welcome their own flute choir. The Williamsport Flute Choir, currently composed of 10 members, formed in January in hopes of bringing something musically unique to the area.

The idea to start the choir came to Sheila Hornberger, a young, area flutist. She had played prior with a flute society in the Poconos and with those connections, she brought a choir to Williamsport – something it had not had previously.

Hornberger, the choir’s manager, has been playing flute for nearly 23 years, starting at 8 years old.

“I play the bass flute. It’s funny, I wanted to play saxophone, but my mom said no because of the reed. She thought I would break them,” Hornberger said.

The choir consists of different types of flutes played by women from “all walks of life,” according to their website, including the piccolo and alto and bass flutes.

Members include Mary Ann Bauer, Jamie Chambers, Corinne Giacobbi, Katie Hilliard, Sheila Hornberger, Linda Lynch, Nancy Moff, Peggy Morehart and Sheri Yingling.

They are still continuing to expand their membership with hopes to grow to an even larger group.

“We will accept membership in the choir for those aged 15 years and older and maybe will take younger with auditions,” Hornberger said.

They perform all types of music, including classic to pops, transcription, baroque and more.

“The main goal is to give local musicians the chance to play in a small chamber ensemble setting,” Hornberger said. “We want to give the community the chance to hear something different. You don’t see flute choirs a lot.”

Their website also says, “Our mission is to enrich our community through our performances, to provide a unique opportunity to participate in a small chamber setting and to explore and perform flute choir repertoire, while promoting growth as individuals and as an ensemble. We perform throughout our community at various events, as well as putting on our own recital programs.”

So far, the group has played a few events. On April 23, they performed at the Williamsport Music Club Spring Gala.

“It was our first show on stage as a group. It was really nice to get that experience and we were thankful to the club for having us,” Hornberger said.

They have an upcoming performance, their inaugural spring recital, starting at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Robert M. Sides Auditorium, 201 Mulberry St. The show will feature works by Vivaldi, Elgar, Mozart and more. The admission is free and there will be a brief reception afterward.

If interested in contacting these talented lady flutists, visit their website,, Facebook page, face FluteChoir, and also on Twitter, @WmsptFluteChoir. They may also be emailed directly at

They rehearse 6 to 7:15 p.m. every Tuesday at Williamsport City Hall, 245 W. Fourth St., on the second floor, and also at 1 p.m. on the last Saturday of every month at Robert M. Sides music store.