Q&A with Five Second High

Five Second High, a band based out of the Wilkes-Barre area, will perform at 9 p.m. Friday at The Cell Block, 154 W. Third St.

With a show full of energy and pop-punk ballads, Five Second High has claimed to be a party band, and has been performing up and down the East Coast.

The band recently signed with A.E.M. Entertainment and is currently working on releasing an EP.

The Sun-Gazette recently caught up with Five Second High as they prepare for their return to The Cell Block.

BETHANY WIEGAND: So who is in Five Second High and what roles do they play in the band?

FIVE SECOND HIGH: Erik Macknosky lead vocals.

Carl Hesser bass-vocals.

Geoff Birchard guitar-vocals.

Noa Spott guitar-vocals.

Dave Hartmann drums-percussion.

BW: With pop-punk, high-energy music, you must have a lot of inspirations. What’s maybe a musical influence that you’ve had that people would be surprised to know?

FSH: Other than Kiss and Slipknot, much of our influence comes from our individual musical backgrounds. We all love pop-punk music but our backgrounds range from metal and hardcore, to top 40 and dub step.

BW: You’re based in the Wilkes Barre-Scranton area, but is that where you’re originally from? How did you all meet and decide to start playing together?

FSH: Yes, all originally from the Wilkes-Barre-Scranton area. The band was formed originally through Craigslist. From there on, any change in a member was through word-of-mouth and auditions in the music scene.

BW: With a band named “Five Second High,” you must like adrenaline rushes. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done just for the thrill of it?

FSH: To be honest, the band is very relaxed. We did however light a guitar on fire once. Our adrenaline rush is brought on just by being onstage.

BW: You have a cover of “Beautiful” by One Direction on your website. Where’d you get the idea to put your own pop-punk spin on that?

FSH: It is a very popular song. We do like to play the new pop songs but don’t want to be labeled “another cover band.”

Being a pop-punk band, we want to give everyone a different aspect of the song. Most of our nightly set lists are done in the same manner.

BW: Who are some up-and-coming artists that you’re really excited about?

FSH: There are so many at this point, we couldn’t really pinpoint who would be a favorite.

BW: Since you have a high-energy show, what are some things you do pre show to get pumped up?

FSH: Other than many energy drinks our energy is definitely brought on by the crowd reaction at our shows.

BW: Have you ever played at The Cell Block before? What can the audience expect from your show?

FSH: Yes, apparently they love us there. We started playing there in December 2012. The crowds keep building every show. It is by far our favorite venue to perform at. The crowd can expect a show similar to Warped Tour. We want to give the crowd a show, not just a few guys standing in one place playing cover tunes.

BW: I know you’re currently working on an EP, but what else is in store with Five Second High? What can fans expect from you for the next couple years?

FSH: In January of 2013 we signed on with A.E.M. Entertainment, since then we have focused on performing up and down the East Coast. Our ultimate goal is to play main stages on tour for thousands of fans. As for the EP, we don’t want to release anything until it is perfect. We want our fans to love the whole album.

For more information on Five Second High, visit www.facebook.com /5secondhigh.