Tenors’ world tour to stop at CAC

“The Texas Tenors – They’ve got the look, they got the talent, they got the songs…”

– David Hasselhoff, judge on “America’s Got Talent.”

Ever since the Texas Tenors finished fourth on “America’s Got Talent” in 2009, their career has skyrocketed, sending them on tour around the world and landing them appearances on “Fox and Friends,” as well as their first PBS special, “The Texas Tenors: You Should Dream Live,” which was recently recorded in Phoenix.

“We were at GCU (Grand Canyon University) Arena in Phoenix and hired the Phoenix Symphony to accompany us along with our band,” tenor Marcus Collins said. “We also brought in an award-winning team behind the scenes including world-renowned director Leon Knoles and Emmy award-winning lighting designer Matt Firestone. It was an amazing and experience and we think its going to turn out fantastic!”

Collins said that the group had a great time singing on “Fox and Friends” as well, but that the performance time was a little earlier than at least two of the members are used to.

” ‘Fox and Friends’ was a lot of fun,” he said. ” It was extremely early, which is great for JC (Fisher) in the group, who is used to getting up early on the farm, but that’s not the case for all three of us (laughs).”

The group performed on the show on President’s Day of this year to promote their new single, “God Bless the USA.”

“[The experience] was awesome and after our appearance, our single shot up to No. 33 on iTunes. It was incredible.”

The Tenors have performed with orchestras since July 4, 2010, when they played with the Houston Symphony. Collins said that since the trio plays such a diverse blend of music that includes country, gospel, Broadway and classical, singing with a symphony made sense.

“It’s a natural fit for the genres of music that we perform and John (Hagen) has a history performing in front of orchestras as a soloist as well, which gave us quite a bit of knowledge going in and we have a fantastic symphonic agent, Randy Chaplin of Chaplin Entertainment in New York, whom I happened to be friends with before the group was created. It helps to have representatives that you know and trust in the business.”

The band’s diversity is one of the key elements that makes it a success.

“Audiences love our show because theres something for everyone no matter what type of music you like,” Collins said.

Collins himself has a wide-ranging background in performance that includes television appearances on “30 Rock,” “Sex and the City” and recurring roles on “One Life to Live” and “As The World Turns.”

The singer/actor’s family encouraged his talents early on.

“My dad took me to talent shows starting at the age of 4,” Collins said. “He always encouraged me to follow my dreams and never give up.”

Since the Tenors formed in 2009, however, Collins hasn’t had any time for TV.

“The group tours non stop all year long,” he said.

But he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I love great music and performing onstage,” he said. “How could I pass up the chance to do what I love with my two best friends? We are like brothers and our bond grows stronger everyday.”

The trio has a new album coming out in December called “You Should Dream” as well as a new Christmas CD and a patriotic show, “Let Freedom Sing.”

The Texas Tenors will perform at 7:30 p.m. May 24 at the Community Arts Center, 220 W. Fourth St. Tickets range from $25 to $45 and may be bought online at or by calling the box office at 326-2424.

“If you want to have a great time and hear music you love then come to the show,” Collins said. “We might not be back to the area for a while so we would love to see a packed house and we know they’ll have a great time!”

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