City rapper Mizt@Cuff wins song contest

“Williamsport Iz My City,” a song that went viral in the area on YouTube in 2011, was written and performed by local hip-hop artist “mailto:Mizt@Cuff”>Mizt@Cuff, also known as Terrance Cuff.

Since his Internet debut, Cuff has been making big strides in his music career. He entered a contest to be on a mixtape through Coast 2 Coast Records and emerged victorious.

“It was an international contest, you can submit songs to be on a mix CD that is backed by an industry artist like Justin Bieber or Wyclef Jean,” Cuff said.

After an artist submits a song, there is a two-week period when people can vote for their favorite track.

Cuff received more than 250 votes, taking first place.

The song that he sent in is called “Control the World.”

“It’s about how I would run things, what I’d do different,” he said. “Lower gas prices and prescription prices for older people and bring people back from the dead. But not in a zombie way!”

Cuff will personally receive 100 copies of the mixtape, which is backed by hip hop star, Sean Kingston. The CD can be purchased at tapes/mixtapes.aspx.

Cuff grew up in Williamsport and temporarily moved west to Arizona with his mother. There she took him to many concerts where his dream of being a hip-hop artist began.

“It was really cool to see the effect they had on the crowd,” he recalled. “I want to do that same thing someday and give people that same feeling that I was getting from those performers.”

Once when moving back to Williamsport while he was in middle school, he and his cousins began writing and rapping. This sparked Cuff’s zeal for music which lead him to performing his own original work.

One song of his became quite popular two years ago, called “Williamsport Iz My City.”

The lyrics and video go hand-in-hand traveling through the different neighborhoods and places around the city. East End, Newberry, Two Boys from Italy and Bruce Henry Park are a few that he mentions.

“Williamsport needed an anthem,” he said. “Something that everybody can sing, saying that it is our city.”

Along with the support of his family, he is greatly influenced by rapper, producer and entrepreneur Jay-Z.

“I like the things that Jay-Z is doing even beyond his music, giving back to the people,” he said.

Cuff said that likes to volunteer at local churches and give his music out for free.

“I’ll be at McDonalds and I’ll say to my son, ‘Give some CDs to the cashier’,” he said, “I ask her to give them out to the people coming in and other employees.”

Also through Reverbnation, Cuff is able to raise money for World Vision, a humanitarian organization that strives to tackle the causes of injustice and poverty worldwide.

Fifty percent of sales are donated to the cause and the album may be bought at

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