Doc Hollywood returns to Cell Block

The spunky partyrock band Doc Hollywood will return to The Cell Block at 6 p.m. July 13.

The band prides itself in putting on a great show in addition to playing good music. Cell Block-goers can expect to see “big lights and big sound.”

Having played at The Cell Block before, the band considers the venue to be one of their favorites.

“The Cell Block is one of my favorite places to play,” Joby Parendier, bass and vocals, said. “Going to see a band there is like going to a concert, except we get up and get right in your face and join the party.”

“I mean it’s an old jail, so the stories and history definitely make the shows very interesting, along with the great college crowds they have there,” Brian Shepherd, guitar and vocals, added.

Doc Hollywood collectively hails from the Philadelphia area, and they tend to perform all over New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Lead vocalist Matt Cannon actually lived in Williamsport for a few semesters while attending college.

“I always enjoy a weekend visit there. I look forward to every one of Doc Hollywood’s scheduled shows at The Cell Block,” he said.

The band plays covers only, the kind of covers that make a crowd go wild.

“The songs we play will have you covered for anything that will make you throw your hands up, dance and join the party,” Cannon said.

Shepherd emphasized the importance of keeping the vibe fresh.

With setlist items like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Christina Aguilera and Pitbull’s “Feel This Moment,” the band is sure to do just that.

An aspect that really makes Doc Hollywood unique is that they have both a man and woman on lead vocals. Claudia Mastriana gives the band a certain edge and the ability to perform an even wider range of songs, including anything from Pat Benatar to Lady Gaga, Pink and Journey.

“In a lot of ways, being the only female in this band is comparable to having five older brothers who look out for me and always have my back,” she said.

“Plus she is gorgeous, to say the least. She is that added little extra that helps set us apart from other bands,” Parendier said.

With their ability to read a crowd and respond with a perfectly tailored setlist, those returning or seeing Doc Hollywood for the first time will have a blast.

“It’s a great feeling to go out into the audience and jump around and have a good time with them,” Parendier said.

“When Doc Hollywood takes the stage, we deliver the audience with today’s hottest hits or their favorite songs they grew up on [it will be] a show that will have you making plans for the next visit,” Cannon said.

The Cell Block loves having Doc Hollywood perform just as much as Doc Hollywood enjoys performing there.

“[They are an] exciting party band featuring male and female lead vocals. [They are] winning fans by leaps and bounds and quickly becoming a favorite at The Cell Block,” Cell Block representative Frank Annunziata said.

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