Q&A with The Broadcast

The Broadcast, who formed in New York City in 2010, will perform at 9 p.m. Saturday at the Bullfrog Brewery, 229 W. Fourth St.

The female-led band, whose music is a mix of soul, rock and amazing vocals, recently relocated to Asheville, N.C., taking a chance and committing to music full-time. Currently working on a 2013 record, The Broadcast has been travelling and performing up and down the East Coast. They have a video for their single, “Hide Yourself Away,” which projects vintage-y vibes while still coming across fresh. Learn more at their website, the

The Sun-Gazette recently caught up with Caitlin Krisko, vocalist for The Broadcast, to chat about how she’s worked to stand out in the male fueled music realm of rock, life on the road and songwriting.


WIEGAND: Who makes up The Broadcast and how did you come together to form this band?

CAITLIN KRISKO: The Broadcast is Caitlin Krisko on vocals, Aaron Austin on guitar, Matt Davis on bass, Tyler Housholder on percussion, Rich Brownstein on keys and Michael W. Davis on drums.

Four of us met several years ago in New York City just as we were all graduating from arts schools. After a year of touring out of N.Y.C., it became apparent to us that if we wanted to tour full-time, we would need to live in a most cost-effective location. After a healthy dose of research, we settled on Asheville. Our drummers brother – without ever having met us – moved out from California to be our bassist, and soon after relocating down here, we found guitarist Aaron Austin.

BW: With having a female-led group, you stand out in the rock genre, which is usually male-fueled. What do you do to make sure you’re taken just as seriously as the male groups? Do you ever have people that doubt you?

CK: I make sure to do my job. Putting on a live rock concert takes some serious cardio commitment and by taking it seriously, our fans take us seriously. When people come to see a Broadcast show, they know they’re going to walk out sweaty with their hearts racing and adrenaline pumping. When I decided to embark on this musical journey several years ago, I learned very quickly that doubt does nothing but poison the mind and disintegrate the community around us – it’s something I have chosen to neither acknowledge or fear and because people only doubt those that doubt themselves.

BW: What led you to choose the path of a musical career? Has music always been a part of your life?

CK: Music is a community that creates a platform of communication between the artist and the listener. I have always known there is a major lack of female representation on this platform and have felt a strong responsibility to contribute what I can offer to help round out the playing field a bit more. Music has always been a part of every life – it’s just a matter of how much the individual chooses to embrace it into their own world.

BW: The video for “Hide Yourself Away” is very vintage-y. What was behind the concept for that?

CK: We love all things classic rock. The lifestyle, the hair, the style, the vibe. It makes us nostalgic for a time we’ve never known. When developing the visual aesthetic of The Broadcast, I wanted to incorporate this feeling into our music videos and had the idea to mix current band footage with un-archived stock footage from the ’60s and ’70s.

BW: List your top 5 favorite venues that you’ve played at.

CK: As a self-booked, grassroots band, we know better than to play favorites. 😉

BW: How do you keep a little bit of normalcy while on the road? Do you have any pre-show, post-show rituals?

CK: No such thing as normalcy on the road. The only constant is the company you keep so we’re lucky we all love each other so much. I’d tell you our pre and post show rituals, but then … I’d have to kill you.

BW: What have you done in preparation of your upcoming fall 2013 release? What has the song writing process been for that?

CK: We’ve been touring on the road nonstop for the last two years, racking in over 140 shows a year. Being on the road and playing that many shows really fine tunes a band, so we’re excited to show our fans how we’ve continued to grow. The album itself represents the major transformation we all underwent when relocating from the biggest city in the United States to a quiet artistic mountain town. I think by removing ourselves from all the noise of the big apple a few years ago, we were able to find our sound and what it is we want to represent in the music community.

BW: What can audiences expect at the Bullfrog on Saturday?

CK: A heartfelt, passion-driven celebration of the soul as told through the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.