Q & A with True Becoming

The rock band True Becoming will perform at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18, at Big Dogz in Hughesville, 5010 Route 220 Highway. Based in Mt. Caramel, the band has played with bands such as Candlelight Red, Pop Evil, Otherwise, Filter and Papa Roach. The band recently answered a set of questions regarding their, past, present, future and upcoming Hughesville performance.

SIMONE BROWN: Who makes up the band True Becoming and what are your roles?

TRUE BECOMING: The band is – Rich Allen on vocals, Aaron Roberts on rhythm guitar, Chris Judge on drums, Clint Souder on lead guitar, and Damian Dall on bass.

SB: How long have you all been performing together?

TB: The band started about five years ago, and as we’ve grown we’ve had some member changes along the way. Most recently, our friend and bandmate Billy Sosnoski decided to pursue opportunities that wouldn’t be possible while touring, and Damian Dall will be joining us for our upcoming tour with Eye Empire and Stardog Champion.

SB: What made you guys decide to start a band?

TB: We’ve all been heavily influenced by music, and after we got through the really difficult part of learning our instruments well enough to play with other people, that became the way to expand our musical horizons.

After we started playing together and had something that we enjoyed and thought other people would like, we decided to start playing out, mostly for fun, to have a better time hanging out with our friends, and things grew from there.

SB: Getting to play Uproar last year is a pretty big accomplishment! What was that experience like for you all?

TB: It was incredible, a truly great experience, right down to the weather. We were able to meet some artists that we hadn’t met before, and spend time with some artists that we’ve played with in the past. We had a great performance and we were pretty well received by the crowd.

One of the nicest things about the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands for RockStar Uproar is that they give the local winner a merch area that is the same size and in the same row as the tour bands. So for a large portion of the day after our set, we were able to meet and greet with new fans, and the other musicians,

SB: How would you describe your sound?

TB: Our sound is really a combination of our influences, which includes everything from Papa Roach to Rob Thomas. Before we were a band, there were some other local successful bands that we really looked up to individually, Breaking Benjamin, Fuel, The Badlees and Panacea come to mind. Combining the bands listed does tend to explain our sound.

SB: As a band, who are your biggest influences?

TB: We mentioned some of our biggest influences in the last question, but there are still more. For example, Chris is a big fan of 80’s rock bands. Then there are bands like Chevelle, Sevendust, 3 Doors Down, hip hop like Eminem and Jay-Z. We like, and are influenced by, so much music that it is tough to nail down anything specific

SB: What songs will you playing in Hughesville?

TB: We’ll be playing quite a few originals and covers. But you can be sure we’ll have “Not Like You,” “Innocent,” and “Like Falling” on the set list along with some of our more popular covers.

SB: I read that you guys are working on a full-length album. When will that be coming out and what will it be like?

TB: The album has been a long process and we’re working hard to make sure its solid from start to finish. We want it to be a record you can listen to from beginning to end and feel the music and the message of the vocals. We’ve recorded a lot of songs at this point, some will make the cut, others won’t. Our plan right now is to put the album out in mid January 2014 before we get ready for a spring tour.

SB: How long will you guys be on tour for and where else are you going?

TB: We’re going to be on the road with Eye Empire and Stardog Champion for 45 days starting on Sept. 27 until Nov. 16. The tour is taking us from Pennsylvania to New York, New Hampshire, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, Texas, Alabama and Georgia.

Just a bunch of awesome places with more opportunities to make new friends and fans. After the tour we’re planning to be home for the holiday season, play a few local shows for the fans here at home that have made all this possible, and then go back out on the road in January.

SB: For you guys personally, what does it mean to be able to perform for such large crowds of people?

TB: It’s always about connecting with the people. We’re all in the same boat in this life, and when we make that connection and the music speaks through us, and everyone gets it. You realize you’re part of something much larger and that the person next to you is living a similar experience with you.

SB: What message do you think rock conveys and what message do you hope your band sends out to fans?

TB: Rock has (conveyed) and probably always will convey freedom, angst, rebellion, and a little anger. Looking at the range of rock music, there’s hippie rock, party rock, alternative rock, hard rock, the list goes on.

It can convey anything really. The message we hope to send is that we’re all in this life together, we all live with the same problems and that we all are just fine the way we are. We can all become the greatness we long for.

SB: Lastly, what is in store for the future of True Becoming?

TB: We have a plan for where we want to be with our careers in five years, and what our music should be. So we’ll work that plan and see how far it gets us. For now we’re just grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to us, and the people supporting us.