Soprano Amy Peck to Perform

Amy Peck will perform at 3 p.m. Oct. 6, at the First United Methodist Church, 2 Ross St.

Peck, who is a solo soprano, has been perfecting her craft since she was young. She began studying piano and violin as early as elementary school, as well as singing in her church choir.

“My childhood was filled with kids’ musicals like ‘The Swan Princess’ and ‘Veggie Tales.’ When I was young, I also had a frequent babysitter who was a singer. Her presence in my life inspired me to get into singing,” Peck said.

At age 13, Peck began taking formal voice lessons with a teacher. “At age 13, I started lessons, and haven’t stopped. Music has always been a part of my life,” she said.

Peck toured with a Christian singing group The Young Continentals, which performed in churches and at Christian festivals. “It was a great place to start,” Peck said. “I still do church music. I think it’s important to give back to the church and the community.”

Along with performing, musically and theatrically, Peck has recorded two albums, including original music.

Her first album, “Psalm 104:33,” was a recording of contemporary Christian songs and her second recording, “Soli Deo Gloria,” was a collection of hymns. “It was just me singing and playing piano for some great hymns. I grew up in church, singing hymns every week, so I knew a lot of hymns. My mom also sang them to me as a baby. My parents helped me pick a lot of the hymns that I worked on and performed,” Peck said.

Peck earned a bachlor’s degree in vocal performance from Eastern University, and has completed workshops in Alabama and Washington, D.C.

“I loved music in middle school and high school, doing lots of orchestras, choirs and concerts, so there was just no question that I was going to study music in college,” Peck said.

“My voice teacher in high school was a crossover expert. A crossover singer is someone who is trained in and works in both classical and music theatre singing. She really inspired me to love and do both. I went to college for classical singing and opera, but I studied music theatre singing with voice teachers at Penn State University on my breaks.”

Peck keeps a diligent schedule, not only for her love of music, but for her passion and drive. “Honestly, I was always driven. I loved performing and organizing things. I was always organizing concerts and shows as I was growing up. I was born with drive,” she said.

“Even when I get the many rejections and devestations that come with the career, I always get back up. It’s just something that you have to do. I would not say I am tough skinned; I am a very sensitive artist, but I am resilient.”

Peck’s theatric roles include an impressive list, such as roles as Robin in “Godspell,” Winnie Tate in “Annie Get Your Gun,” Little Cosette in “Les Miserables,” and Zerlina in “Don Giovanni,” which was her personal favorite.

“I really love the role of Zerlina in ‘Don Giovanni.’ It is such a great role. It has wonderful arias and duets. The opera is full of lust, betrayal and love,” Peck said.

For her October performance, Peck will perform classical opera music, as well as some music theatre pieces. “A few songs are making a second appearance with me in Williamsport because they got such a great response last time I had a recital,” Peck said.

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