Wiggin’ out about TV

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you haven’t had a chance to catch season four of The Walking Dead, this column does feature some spoilers of what has happened this season so far. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.)

It seems like “The Walking Dead” is everyone’s favorite new show. And rightly so, the show, in its fourth season, is more popular than ever, catching the attention of everyone with its award-winning special effects, makeup and thrilling plots. Long-time fans are mad at the “bandwagon” fans jumping on this season, but why not let “The Walking Dead” receive the recognition it deserves. The show is streaming on Netflix as well for fans who need to catch up on the last three seasons.

So season three left us with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) taking in the rest of Woodbury taking into the prison – a move not everyone was too sure about. The Governor was still on the loose and Rick was slowly, very slowly, gaining his sanity back from losing his wife and taking care of a baby in this post-apocolyptic world.

Season four opens with a renewing feeling, that this zombie world could be one that the survivors could live in. The prison has turned into a community and we have several new characters to get to know from Woodbury. Rick has started a garden and even raised pigs for food on the prison lawn. There are children in the prison and each cell block is occupied by a different group of people. The prison elicits a feeling of wellness and life, something that viewers haven’t felt for a long time.

It’s about three months after the show left off and the group is seeming to piece back together. But by the end of the first episode, all comfortability was tossed out the window as Patrick, a young boy in the community, dies and becomes a zombie. Patrick, the zombie, shuffles into one of the cell blocks and starts chewing on people.

My first instinct was to think that the zombie disease is airborne, and it can strike at any moment. But the medically gifted people in the group realized in the second episode that it wasn’t the zombie virus that killed Patrick – it was something else airborne, a flu that was seemingly killing overnight, and we already know that once someone dies, they don’t have to be bitten by a zombie to turn. After taking out an entire cell block, the group decides that they need to quaratine the virus somehow and separate those who are showing symptoms.

Someone also has been feeding zombies rats through the gate, bringing more and more of them to the prison. Seeing the zombies constantly shuffling around has jaded us to the fact that they are everywhere, but the horde is doubling, tripling in size, and the gates around the prison look as if they will give in at any moment. Thanks, “Walking Dead,” we needed to be kept on our toes.

Rick is now losing hope of ever making a life for his family and the group at the prison and everything they worked so hard for is in jeapordy.

Another character is getting rightful recognition is Carol, who has had a pretty tumultuous storyline and is showing to be a very resilient character. In secret, she has been teaching the children survival skills like using weapons and killing the walkers. She has become a stronghold in their community, and I’m excited to see where the writers take her character.

Check out season four of “The Walking Dead” on AMC, Sundays beginning at 9 p.m.