Local rapper releases new album

Local rapper Sheaven (pronounced “Seven”) Kacy is releasing a new album, “Super Skinnies (The Movie).” The 17-track project has been in production for the past year.

“This is not just a cd or album this is a full 17 track movie,” Kacy wrote in an email interview.

Kacy, who is originally from the Philadelphia area, is part of Smoked Out Entertainment, a collective organized by fellow local rapper Anthony “AP Tha Don” Parsons. Parsons, who has made several appearances in the Showcase for his own recordings, is featured on one of the tracks on “Supper Skinnies”: “If I Wasn’t So Real.”

Artist “T-Bully” is also featured on the album, on a track called “Forced to the Pyrex.”

Parsons, Kacy and S.O.E. are part of a tight-knit network of hip-hop recording artists, including S-Kwal Productions, Hoffa Entertainment, Dy Hard Entertainment and Get Fresh Records, all part of the Central Pennsylvania scene.

Parsons uses WXPI 88.5 to promote local artists, including those found on Smoked Out Entertainment recordings. His show airs from 10 p.m. to 2 p.m. every Friday and Saturday night on 88.5 FM and he takes requests.

The musician and promoter is loyal to his roots, staying local with his music.

“I support the community and foundation that supported me first,” Parsons said in a 2012 interview. “I want to be able to take an artist that has just started and make them marketable. Maybe they started singing or rapping in their basement and they come to me and say they want to make a CD. I do that for them, from start to finish. And in the end, we hope they get a record deal. Everything is done ourselves. We want to make sure it gets done right.”

“The album was recorded using several studios to help devolpe and expand the sound and mainstream the album and exspose the citys talents, [sic]” Kacy wrote via email.

“The beats are a few mainstream to keep the mixtape feeling but for the most part the beats are from independent beat makers from all over that i network with, [sic]” he added.

Like Parsons, Kacy has had difficulty booking shows locally. “Its very hard to book a show here for a young talented artist, but press kits are availiable for bookings and info,[sic]” Kacy wrote.

Despite the challenges, Kacy has managed to stay positive – something he said that posed more of a challenge in Philadelphia. “People rap about their life experiences and the scene in Philadelphia was full of negativity,” Kacy said in a 2012 interview. “I knew I had to get out of there, out of the negativity.”

For “Super Skinnies (The Movie),” Kacy said he drew inspiration from “real, everyday situations that [I] and those close to me go through.”

Kacy and “Smoked Out Entertainment” are looking into booking with Penn State University, as well as venues in Scranton, Philadelphia, and “the tri-state area,” Kacy explained.

Despite difficulty finding local venues, Kacy hopes to have some contracts in place and Williamsport performances booked soon.

“I take my own experiences, things I’ve seen other people go through, anything I can connect emotionally with and use that for inspiration,” Kacy said in 2012.

For Kacy, the connection can come from a simple phone call or a special performance.

At any given moment, he knows he can pull out his phone and contact other artists for a performance or just to talk. “We’re not just artists – we’re friends too. We are all in constant contact with each other, even though we’re scattered around,” he said in 2012.

Sheaven Kacy can be found at www.reverbnation.com/sheavenkacy, on YouTube and Facebook.