Uptown Music Collective kicks off annual fundraising campaign

Every year as the leaves begin to fall, the Uptown Music Collective begins to gear up for its annual fundraising campaign.

As of last weekend residents, supporters and friends of the nonprofit school of music, both local and across the country, started receiving letters asking for their support of the school’s youth-oriented music education programs.

“Our goal is to raise $15,000 this year, with every dollar going to support our educational programs and also to provide tuition support for needy students,” said Dave Brumbaugh, UMC executive director. “In an effort to provide a high quality education while keeping tuition as low as possible, we work hard to keep expenses at a bare minimum. This means that to maintain or repair equipment for student use, purchase needed performance equipment or to create new teaching materials we need to rely on our community’s support.”

The Uptown Music Collective was founded in 2000 as a sole proprietorship and became a nonprofit organization in 2006. In 2007 the school ran its first annual campaign in support of its Site: B program.

“We are blessed as an organization to have the steadfast support of our community, alumni, local foundations and national organizations like the National Endowment for the Arts,” said Brumbaugh. “It is because of their continued belief in what we do, that we are able to provide for area young people the wide variety of high impact, life changing musical experiences that our organization is known for.”

“There are only a handful of organizations like the Uptown Music Collective across the United States. This organization has impacted our community at almost every level. It’s rare that you go out to an event where there isn’t a group of Uptown Music Collective students performing,” said Rob Steele, executive director of the Community Arts Center. “To continue the work that they do and still provide affordable lessons to students and affordable tickets to everyone that comes to see the shows, there needs to be support from the community.”

When asked what he learned from his five-plus years as a student at the Uptown Music Collective, recent alumni Dylan Rockoff said, “Music is relatable to everything, in all of aspects of life. That is what the Collective has shown me.”

There are many ways to support the Uptown Music Collective. The most direct way however is a generous gift via the annual fundraising campaign.

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