Q&A with Cabinet

MILLHEIM – Local bluegrass band Cabinet will perform a special New Year’s show at 8 p.m. Dec. 30 at Elk Creek Cafe, 100 W. Main St.

Originally from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, Cabinet specializes in creating the perfect rustic sound for their listeners, and will be sure to liven up the crowd to ring in the new year.

Though when they first started many of the band members were barely old enough to drink, their ability to capture the perfect Americana sound has come a long way.

The Sun-Gazette recently chatted with Cabinet to discuss their history, music and what they are planning to perform at the upcoming show.

SIMONE BROWN: Who makes up the band Cabinet?

CABINET: J.P. Biondo (mandolin, guitar, vocals), Pappy Biondo (banjo, mandolin, guitar, universe), Mickey Coviello (acoustic and electric guitar), Dylan Skursky (upright and electric bass), Todd Kopec (fiddle) and Jami Novak (drums and percussion).

SB: How did everyone decide to get started in a band rooted in bluegrass?

CABINET: I don’t think anyone really decided it so much as it just happened that way naturally and evolved.

SB: Do any of you have any special instruments that you make use out of, such as a fiddle or banjo?

CABINET: Well we use the banjo for a boat paddle sometimes, or firewood, but we mostly make good use of the kazoo.

SB: Who primarily writes the lyrics in the band and where does the lyrical inspiration come from?

CABINET: J.P. and Pappy write the lyrics. Speaking only for myself, I think their inspiration comes from life and the things that happen in it.

SB: Who would everyone say the bands greatest influences and inspirations are?

CABINET: Again, I can’t speak for everyone. We all have our own personal tastes and I think Cabinet is just the result of everyone’s eclectic influences.

SB: Has the band toured very far or do you all prefer to stay local to your roots?

CABINET: We stay around the Northeast Region of the country for the most part. We’ve toured Colorado once.

I’m really anxious to get to the West Coast.

SB: How many albums have you released so far?

CABINET: Two studio, three live, and one live DVD

SB: When the band performs at the Elk Creek Cafe, will you be focusing on songs mainly from your newest, “This Is Cabinet – Set II,” or will you be playing some old favorites?

CABINET: I think there will be a nice blend of everything. New songs, old songs, new covers.

SB: Are you all excited to play a New Year show? Anything special planned to ring in the new year with all of your fans?

CABINET: Yeah, super excited. I believe we just announced that Ron Holloway will be joining us for a set at The Note in West Chester. We’ll also be playing a dead set.

SB: Lastly, what is Cabinet planning for the future?

CABINET: New songs, a little winter relaxation, then hitting it hard come later winter and spring.