Far from the ‘Last Call’ for The Sunset Villains

Local pop rock band The Sunset Villains, of Drums, recently released a new hit single, “Last Call,” which is playing on radio stations 98.5 KRZ and 102.3 in Pittston.

“We started with a lineup of friends at the time and opened for our friends’ bands in Hazleton, Berwick and Drums, and things started taking off,” said band member Donny Lombardo.

“Our current lineup is Christian Lombardo on lead vocals, Donny Lombardo on keyboards and vocals, Jeff Tomassacci on bass and vocals, James Charles Reddig on guitars and vocals and Aaron Lero on drums,” he added.

The band has been described by critics as “pop rock with a hard edge,” and Lombardo describes them as, “pop rock because that pretty much sums it up, but our influences are from a big mixture of artists like Queen, U2, 311, Incubus, One Republic, Maroon 5 and even great rappers like 2pac and Bone, Thugs and Harmony, so those things tend to make their way into our music in different ways.”

Last month, the band had the honor of opening for Avril Lavigne as well as Jason Derulo at KRZ’s “Let it Show” concert.

“The only way to explain it is surreal,” Lombardo said of the opening experience. “Every time we play with major artists like that it’s awesome. Getting to meet people who are at that level in their career and play for thousands of people is amazing.

“We have had the opportunity to play with artists like Phillip Phillips, Puddle of Mudd and Brett Michaels as well and every time we walk out on stage we’re just really happy that our fans got us there.”

The band is currently signed to Flexitone Records, of Gwynedd Valley, and will soon be releasing its first EP under this label that will be available everywhere. Previously, The Sunset Villains released a special edition CD in December 2012 that is available on iTunes.

Regarding the origins of the band’s name, Lombardo said, “The answer to this question is actually not as interesting as it sounds. Our first guitarist was throwing out random ideas and we heard him say Sunset Villains and it stuck. But I guess I should have said that it’s a reflection of the good and bad in all of us or something deep like that, huh?”

Sunset Villains have been very busy, preparing for bigger and better upcoming things, such as working with Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory on their next single ,”The Sky is Falling,” for which a music video also has been made.

“Right now we are wrapping up our EP and a new music video while playing some select shows, but we’re getting ready to head out on tour again with some national artists in the very near future,” Lombardo said. “Playing to a big audience is great but you have to put a lot more into trying to connect with them. Sometimes playing a packed club is more intimate and just as rewarding. We just love performing in general.”

Since first coming about three years ago, the band has since been making progress in their career. “Really I think that the sky is the limit and we can go as far as our fans want us to go. We really appreciate the great reactions and interactions that we’ve had so far and this really is our dream so the future is looking bright,” Lombardo said.

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