Q&A with Jef McGreevy

Moose Exchange, Bloomsburg’s premier nonprofit arts and cultural center, will feature the work of world-class artist Jef McGreevy at the Stairwell Gallery, 203 W. Main St., through Feb. 1.

McGreevy is showing more than 60 paintings, sculptures and mixed medium pieces, both new and old. The Sun-Gazette conducted an email interview with McGreevy to get some insight into his work and what will be featured at this month’s event at the Moose Exchange.

ISAIAH BRITTON: Is there a theme among the pieces that you are showing?

JEF MCGREEVY: As for a theme … well it’s sort of scattered. My past art captures my adventures, traveling, skateboarding, surfing and self-exploration. My new work is about feelings, texture, color and a hint of a new macroscopic world.

IB: You have said that art has an “ability to speak beyond language and nationality.” How does this ability influence your work?

JM: In my travels I have found my sketchbook and the ability to draw as one of my most valuable assets. I learned how to communicate though simple drawings. I traded work for basic living. Now I enjoy people being wowed by what I create. You don’t have to understand my Art; it just has a presence in the room.

IB: What most inspires your creative process?

JM: I enjoy the physical process of making art whether it’s carving wood, painting, welding, etc. I enjoy learning new mediums. I am inspired by so many things. I am a visual sponge absorbing my surroundings and rebuilding them in my work. These days I try and keep my message light and positive, but Art is derived from emotion and you don’t have a choice in what you create, it all comes out. Look closer at my work and revealed are the incredible layers of thought and effort that brought it to life, or ask me and I will give you some far out thoughts about the space I was occupying at the time I was creating it.

IB: Is there anything else you would like to add about your work and/or your show at the Moose Exchange?

JM: My exhibition is going on now in the Stairwell Gallery at the Moose Exchange until Feb. 1. We are having a closing reception Friday, January 31st from 6 to 8 p.m., an artist talk, refreshments, and music will be provided. I would like as many people as possible to attend the reception.

Gary F. Clark is also having a reception on the first floor at the same time for his exhibition of select photographs entitled “PLAIN: Old Order Amish and Mennonites of the Central Susquehanna River Valley.”

Side note, Gary F. Clark was one of my favorite professors at Bloomsburg University in 1987. One of my fond memories was the Eggxpo. In which we had to drop an egg off the balcony in Haas auditorium in a creative way. I won that year with Chicken hawk inspired by Kitty Hawk. My experimental aircraft touched down safely and Wilbur Chickenhawk was intact.

McGreevy is a member of the Susquehanna River Arts group. For more information on Jef – including his digital gallery and portfolio – visit