Country singer-songwriter Michaela Anne to perform

Michaela Anne, a country singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, will perform Feb. 13 at Bullfrog Brewery, 229 W. Fourth St. The performer had an early love for music that eventually turned into a career.

“I started playing piano at 4 or 5,” she said. “From the time I was young enough to move I just loved dancing and anything musical. I grew up playing and singing all different kinds of music but didn’t know there were people out there – being in a military family didn’t expose me to a lot of working musicians – besides pop stars (who were) building a career as a musician. So I went to college for a basic liberal arts degree and after a week I knew I had to go to music school so I started planning my transfer.”

Country isn’t a genre typical to Brooklyn, but Michaela Anne has stayed true to her roots.

“I grew up listening to pop country and then got turned on to the classics: Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, George Jones,” she said. “Everyone always told me my voice seemed most suitable for that genre but I was trying out a lot of other things. I studied jazz vocal performance in college and in my unhappiness there, I started to write music and discovered there’s actually quite a scene for bluegrass and roots music in NYC.”

The singer also writes her own lyrics.

“I think my favorite topics and what inspires my lyrics the most are relationships with others or yourself,”?she said. “I love heartbreak songs. That classic heartache sound of Tammy Wynnette and George Jones or the ultimate ache-filled voice for me is Otis Redding, that stuff just kills me and I feel like that inspires a lot of my tunes.”

Many of her lyrics are based on her own experiences.

“(I write about) this kind of lost, wandering, wayward sentiment that I think comes from being a military kid and not truly feeling at home anywhere. That comes up a lot even in the most subtle of ways. My songs are definitely driven by the voice as well and how the words will sound sung,” she said.

Her first record, “To Know Where,” was released in 2011. She will release her second album, “Ease My Mind,” on April 8.

At her Bullfrog show, Anne said she will be playing “a lot of songs from the new record and we will definitely be doing some covers of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and Linda Ronstadt.”

She also listed Gram Parsons, Otis Redding and Lucinda Williams as some of her biggest musical influences.

Touring and playing music like this is something Michaela Anne sees herself doing forever.

“I’m a lifer. This career is not the easiest one, by far, but it’s something that’s inside of you that I couldn’t ever put to the side,” Anne said.

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