Beatlemania continues: Rubber Soul to perform tonight

Local Beatles tribute band Rubber Soul will perform from 5 to 8 p.m. tonight in the Community Arts Center’s Capitol Lounge, 220 W. Fourth St.

The performance comes after a six-year hiatus and reunites original members Bob Yoas, Joel Vincent and Dave Brumbaugh on stage alongside some newcomers.

For Dave Brumbaugh, the executive director and an instructor at the Uptown Music Collective – a man whose days (and most evenings) are filled with music – performing hasn’t been a large part of his schedule for years. “The band, although sick I’m sure of working around my ridiculous schedule, has shown patience and flexibility and we have found the time to do the things we need to do to prepare for our performances,” Brumbaugh explained in an email interview. The Uptown Music Collective has grown over the past decade to include more than 120 enrolled students and 12 instructors and staff. Brumbaugh put it quite succinctly: “The Collective keeps me busy.”

The group is led by its founder Bob Yoas, “the biggest Beatles fan I know and musician extraordinaire,” Brumbaugh said, adding “he has been one of my best friends since grade school, (and) we’ve played music together since we were 14 years old.” Yoas is multi-talented and lends his bass-, guitar- and keyboard-playing, as well as his “golden vocals” to the group, Brumbaugh said. Drummer Joel Vincent lends his talents and has been playing with Yoas and Brumbaugh for decades.

“The bottom line,” Brumbaugh said, “is that I love to play music with my friends Bob and Joel. The music of The Beatles is a common language with us that makes it possible for us to commune musically onstage and ultimately (is) a vehicle through which we have been able to best express our musical friendship.”

Joining the original members will be bassist Colin Beatty, a teacher at the Uptown Music Collective and former student. Brumbaugh called Beatty a long-term friend of the band and said he brings “strong technique and a great groove” to Rubber Soul. Finally Tess Clutter, a senior at Williamsport Area High School, is scheduled to join the band on stage for numerous future performances. Clutter has studied at the Uptown Music Collective since she was 10 years old.

“We first encountered each other in a recital when I accompanied her on The Beatles’ ‘Good Day Sunshine,'” Brumbaugh said, adding that Clutter is “a certified Beatle maniac.”

Brumbaugh, like all of the members of Rubber Soul, cites The Beatles among his influences.

“The later Beatles epitomized for me the type of musical group and music that I wanted to take part in, the type of music that could not truly be categorized: music that crashed through all boundaries and barriers, music that was both politically aware, yet at times amazingly naive or folk-like. It’s music that is slick in presentation but at the same time so expressive and laden with emotion,” he said.

Considering the fact that The Beatles offer an extensive library of music to pull from, Rubber Soul has many options for creating new sets. Drummer Joel Vincent wrote that “the band plans to take off right where they left off, focusing on songs from ‘Revolver’ forward and also adding selections from The Beatles’ individual solo careers” in a recent press release.

For the time being, Brumbaugh said the band is “hanging loose,” that they “would like to play more gigs, but also want it to be fun and high quality.” “We are taking our time and seeing where it goes,” he said.

The group has another performance scheduled for May 30 at Williamsport’s Community Theater League, 100 W. Third St.

“We love playing their theater,” Brumbaugh said, adding, “it’s a great facility and an intimate environment that has always brought out our best as a band.”

There is no cover for the Community Arts Center’s Happy Hour event.

Light refreshments will be provided and Beatles-themed drinks will be available at the bar. Contact the Community Arts Center at 570-326-2424 or

Find Rubber Soul on Facebook at sic.