Kimballs to host Comedian Dave Landau

Detroit, Michigan-native comedian, Dave Landau, will bring his comedy, which is inspired by everyday life, to Kimballs Pub, 972 Second St., at 8 p.m. Sunday.

As a child, Landau always wanted to be in the entertainment field. As a teenager, he attended The Second City in Detroit, Mich., a school that specializes in sketch comedy and improv.

When he was 21, his then-girlfriend, now wife, told him to try standup. “I just sort of fell into the standup part,” Landau said in a phone interview with the Sun-Gazette.

He finally hit TVs in 2006 with a show on HBO showcasing the 21 best unknown comics in the country and counts his “big break” to his appearance on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” and performance in two seasons of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” Now he is constantly performing, whether it’s on tour or gigs in his hometown of Detroit.

Currently Landau is stretching his horizons into the world of filmmaking with his first film, “The King” in the works.

“I’ve wanted to make movies since I was in middle school. I was always making videos on my dad’s video camera. It’s always been a dream to make a feature-length movie,” Landau said. “I wanted to do a story about something that happened to me in high school. It’s just always been in the back of my mind.”

“The King” is set in Detroit and is about a teenager “that gets his first car, takes it into the ghetto and all hell breaks loose,” according to Landau, who claims the movie is loosely based of true life experiences.

The process of making the movie was a little more than Landau expected. The movie was shot in 14 days, with filming sometimes taking up to 18 hours in a day. “I definitely didn’t realize how much went into it. I didn’t realize it can take up to 14 hours and only get one minute of show,” he said.

Landau said he always has admired comedians like Eddy Murphy and Rodney Dangerfield, as well as Detroit native, Tim Allen. “I got to open for him in LA, and he invited me to his place to watch the taping of the show. Being a Detroit native, he was always one of my favorites,” he said.

As for his shows, Landau finds comedy in everyday life, putting his own snarky, edgy and dark spin on things.

“They’re stories of my life, stories of being young and things people can relate to. And of course, a lot of things that nobody should ever do,” he said. His bit involves the relatable woes of trying to find a job, embarrassing childhood memories and the ingenious idea of a car that runs on orange juice.

In a lot of his bits, Landau uses references to his wife, who he said understands.

“She hates the impression I do of her, but other than that, she is extremely supportive,” he said.

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For tickets, stop by Kimballs Pub or call 570-322-1115.