Converge Gallery offering more space, artists

On July 11, Converge Gallery, 140 W. Fourth St., simultaneously opened its latest exhibition entitled “Metamorphic” alongside new gallery space under the moniker “CG Projects.” The space will showcase its own roster of talent in the form of side exhibitions each month.

“Each space caters to a different market and audience,” Converge Gallery’s assistant director Kasey Lyon explained in an email, adding, “we wanted to make sure we were able to show work that everyone in Williamsport could enjoy and appreciate.”

Williamsport loves artwork like that made by painter Tyler Coey, which is why CG Projects’ maiden exhibition is “Show Your Teeth,” a solo show featuring Coey’s work exclusively.

“We get excited whenever we have an opportunity to present his work,” Lyon said.

Coey is a Kansas City-based artist whose work features a graffiti-like aesthetic and bold strokes, and often portraits of beautiful women and skulls. Layers of text are worked into several of the canvases and the resulting compositions look like close-cropped selections from a young character designer’s sketchbook. Lyon confirmed that Coey frequently uses spray paints and acrylic, and as with graffiti, the product feels more like drawings done with paint.

“The main goal of the exhibition was to simply showcase his newest work, many of which were previously from his own personal collection and had never been shown in a gallery setting,” Lyon said.

Lyon explained that the intention of adding the new space isn’t to delineate between nationally-known and local artists.

“CG Projects represents amazing artists from all over the world such as Johnny Romeo, of Australia; Trey Speegle, of New York City; Ryan Hewett, of South Africa; and of course, our local talent in Timothy Allen Miller, Chad Andrews and Liz Parrish, among others,” he said.

“To better answer the question, there are simply two different directions and once you have a chance to view both rosters for Converge Gallery and CG Projects side by side, the difference is pretty obvious. Converge Gallery has a very conceptual roster CG Projects has a very pop-infused feel with popular culture references, (and) a vibrant palette,” he added.

If CG Projects’ gallery space could be said to have a mission statement, it’s certainly both artist-and-viewer-centric, Lyon said.

“The plan for the space is to continue exhibiting all the artists with whom we love to work and not confuse our audience as to what our gallery program and mission is,” he said.

“By dividing our program, it is giving each artist in both Converge Gallery and CG Projects a chance to be viewed alongside work that contributes to their own personal discussion. The artwork hanging in each space needs to make sense and needs to have a reason for being there. It needs to be able to continue a discussion from one painting to the next without muddying up the intended dialogue. The division of the space is allowing for this to happen for each individual artist,” Lyon said.

Converge Gallery’s entire staff will lend their talents to running and organizing the new space. Casey Gleghorn, John Yogodzinski, Kristen Hill and college interns will work alongside Lyon for each exhibition.

Along with the new space comes a new website,, which was built specifically for CG Projects. Converge Gallery still can be found at

While Converge Gallery’s space will remain on an approximately two-month rotation, CG Projects will feature a new exhibition each month.

“There’s always something new,” Lyon wrote.

The next exhibition on display at the Converge Gallery will feature the work of artist Anthony Cervino and is called “Broken Records.”

“All the work in this show is centering around the idea of absence and we can’t wait to see what Anthony is going to come up with,” Lyon said.

CG Projects will feature the work of Liz Parrish in a solo show called “Ghosts in the Smoke,” which will open Aug. 8. Some of Liz Parrish’s artwork can be viewed on her Facebook page.

For more information, visit, call 570-435-7080 or visit the Converge Gallery’s website at