Converge Gallery announces 2017 exhibit schedule

IMAGE PROVIDED Shown is a work by Abner Harris, whose exhibit “Hard Motion Painting” will run from June 2 to July 15 as part of the 2017 schedule at Converge Gallery, 140 W. Fourth St.

Converge Gallery, 140 W. Fourth St., has announced its upcoming schedule of exhibitions for 2017. The gallery will host a variety of group and solo exhibitions including several international, national, local and newfound artists. The season promises contemporary art from the United Kingdom and France and the return of represented artists Mathew Rose and Tyler Coey.

“Wanderlust” (Jan. 6th-28): The year’s opening exhibit samples work from each exhibition scheduled for 2017. A collectors book showcasing the 2017 exhibitions will be published and available to buy at the opening. Pre-orders can be made at the gallery.

“Almost Anything Is Possible,” by Rene Gortat (Feb. 3-25): At the age of nine, Gortat and his family immigrated from a small village in Poland to a slightly bigger New York City. In 2012, he earned bachelor’s degrees in art and philosophy from Lycoming College. He currently is working towards a master’s degree at Syracuse University. “Almost Anything Is Possible” explores the endless possibilities within a preset framework of limitations by celebrating the strength of creativity, determination, and obsession. Everyday experiences, interactions, philosophical thought and random occurrences provide the groundwork for idea development.

“The Fungus Among Us,” by John Breiner (March 3 to April 1): Breiner has maintained a career as an illustrator, fine artist and muralist for more than two decades. His work is inspired by nature, the passing of time and the reclaiming of surfaces. For the last decade, books, salvaged paper and found objects have been his work surfaces of choice. His hope is to create a seamless interaction with the piece, to join image to surface as naturally as possible and push it out into the world with a new story to tell.

“Hard Motion Painting,” by Abner Harris (June 2 to July 15): Harris grew up in eastern Massachusetts and attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, receiving a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 1996. In 1998, he moved to the United Kingdom. He always has preferred to focus on the patterns and relationships born of changing times in art as well as in life. He uses what he sees in the world allegorically when he does and roles are often shared or interchangeable.

“Some Infinities,” by Kate Paul (May 5-27): This collection of paintings, etchings and sculpture are in response to a series of work involving the celestial, which made Paul think of great distances (infinities) and the idea of trying to understand such great expanses, such as the light from distant stars and our role in the greater cosmos. The wonder and confusion and the impossibility of understanding it all is her primary inspiration for making artwork.

“Zeitgeist”: A Juried Exhibition exploring current events (June 2 to July 15): Converge Gallery will present its second annual juried exhibition for 2017. Submitting artists are asked to create an original piece of artwork in any medium based on events around the world during the last 2 years, 2015 to 2017. All entries that are not selected for the exhibition will be displayed as part of an online exhibition at Jurors include Penny Lutz, of the Gallery at Penn College; Richard Rinehart, of the Samek Art Museum; Dan Olivetti, of the Gallery at Susquehanna University; and Brice Brown, of Milton Art Bank.

“…It’s Been A Bit…” by Tyler Coey (July 21 to Aug. 26): Coey is a Kansas City native, who after studying at Columbus College of Art & Design, returned home to pursue his creative endeavors. His figurative paintings explore technique, color and shape. He has created work for local, national and international exhibitions with original paintings in collections worldwide.

“Evidence,” by Mathew Rose (Sept. 1-30): Rose, an American artist, lives and works in Paris. Known for his collage works and wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor installations, he graduated from Brown University (1981) with a degree in semiotics and linguistics. Influenced by Americans Ray Johnson, Jasper Johns, Joseph Cornell and a handful of French surrealists, Rose works late hours ripping apart paper and bits of text to recast contemporary life into a specific, yet unbound book, what the artist calls his “theory of everything.”

“Two Faced,” by Dillon Samuelson and Michael Bell (Oct. 6-28): Samuelson is a painter and illustrator who currently lives and works in York. He graduated from the fine art program at York College of Pennsylvania in 2014, and the following year was awarded the third annual Appell Arts Fellowship at Marketview Arts. His work is an exploration of human experience and emotion, through storytelling and the outward manifestation of that which is often kept internal.

Bell is a renowned American artist best known for his cinematic, narrative series works and for his infamous portrait painting clientele, which includes reputed mob boss John Gotti and numerous actors from hit crime shows and mob movies such as “The Sopranos,” “Goodfellas,” “A Bronx Tale” and more.

“The L.A. Residency,” by Anonymous (For Now) (Nov. 3-25): What makes art have value? Is it the artist’s hand? The emotions it evokes? Its “originality” or “authenticity”? Converge Gallery will undertake a social experiment for the LA Residency, one that raises questions about artistic authorship.

The event will see a mystery artist break down their imagery, taking them in new and unexpected directions. Inspired by old school hip-hop and DJ culture, the project emulates the freedom and unpredictability of sampling in the realm of visual arts. Not much else can be said yet, except that all works were created in L.A.

“State Of The Art” by Bryan McGinnis (Dec 1-23): Bryan is from Levittown, commonly known as the first modern suburb of the United States. He earned a bachelor’s degree at Lycoming College with concentrations in painting and photography. His interests in art came at a young age, where he then was able to train his talents and pursue an education and lifestyle within the arts. “State of the Art” is a two-part exhibition and includes McGinnis’ “Projects, President and Man Made.”

Exhibit openings are from 6-9 p.m. on the first night of the exhibition.

For more information or to see example of the artists slated to exhibit during the 2017 season, visit