The Repasz Band elects 2016-17 officers, trustees

The Repasz Band elected officers and committee members to various positions at its April meeting.


President: William Kear

Vice president: Jamie Chambers

Treasurer: Dick Robey

Secretary: Corinne Giacobbi

Member-at-large: Jim Fink

Conductor: Albert Nacinovich

Assistant conductor: Jeffrey Dent

Conductor emeritus: Gordon Taylor

Business manager: Judith Shellenberger

Librarian: Linda Kibbe

Webmaster: Karl Ivers

Website editor: Jerry Eischeid

Uniform manager: Philip Herfort


Barry Stocker (2020)

Jessica Lewis (2019)

Mike Mitchell (2018)

Jon Ahrens (2017)

Ed Havrilla (2016)

Historical committee and archives

Linda Kibbe, Albert Nacinovich, Lea Cale

Music selection committee

Albert Nacinovich

Jeff Dent

Jessica Lewis

Philip Herfort

Judith Shellenberger

Publicity committee

Nancy Eischeid and Linda Kibbe