November First Friday events

“Vietnam Today,” by Sami Cutrona

Collegetown Gallery, Community Arts Center lobby

220 W. Fourth St.

5 p.m.

A senior studying photography and art history at Lycoming college presents a visual representation of her study abroad this past summer.

Dr. June Baskin Gallery at Williamsport

Area School District, District Service Center

2780 W. Fourth St.

4-5:30 p.m.

Selected student work from Cochran Primary, Hepburn-Lycoming Primary, Jackson Primary and Stevens Primary school will be on display.

Hosted by art educators: Chelsea Cramer, Lori Moore, Sandy Corson and Ed Jonasen.



200 W. Fourth St.

5-7 p.m.

November’s featured student artists are seniors at Williamsport Area High School: Abby DeBloois, Anna Zeigler and Emily Bonislawski. Hosted by art educator Andrea McDonough Varner.


Plankenhorn Stationery

144 W. Fourth St.

4-5:30 p.m.

Featuring work from student artists at  Lycoming Valley Intermediate School. Hosted by art educators, Julie Hammond and Lori Moore.

Special Populations Display

Community Arts Center

220 W. Fourth St.

5-7 p.m.

Featuring artwork created by Special Populations students at the Williamsport Area High School. Hosted by art educator, Mallory Scoppa.

Emily Green

Barrel 135

135 W. Third St.

Works displayed for the month of November.

Joseph Leblanc

Gustonian Gifts

357 Pine St.

Joseph Leblanc, Professor of Physics at Penn College is a woodworker, musician, artist, aerospace engineer and has been doing chain mail for four years. His materials include brass, stainless, gold and silver plated and anodized aluminum.

Roads to Freedom Center

for Independent Living

24 E. Third St.

5-8 p.m.

Greet or treat, painting, basket raffle, music and more to celebrate Halloween and Fall Festival activities.

“The Addams Family”

Community Theatre League

100 W. Third St.

7:30 p.m.

Becky Marshall

5-7 p.m.


38 W. Fourth St.

Becky Marshall will have her fall pottery magnets and felted wool acorn wine charms as well as premiering her new line of pottery Christmas ornaments.

Jupiter and Moons

Lycoming College, Lynn Science Center

Corner of Washington Boulevard and Mulberry Street

5 p.m.

This month’s show will highlight Jupiter, our solar system’s giant planet. Explore the cutting-edge scientific discoveries being caputured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft as it circles this incredibly active Jovian System.

“Second Childhood,” by David Becker

Genetti Hotel and Suites

200 W. Fourth St.

5- 8 p.m.

Becker has been a professional photographer for over 35 years. He and his wife Lynne operate Beckers photography studio at the Pajama Factory and have been inspired in the presence of other artists there to explore other media as well as continuing to expand their art in photography.

Richard Allen

Peter Herdic House

407 W. Fourth St.

Local photographer Richard Allen will be showing a collection of photographs of national parks, one of which will be featured on the National Parks Service 2017 calendar.

“Lincoln: The Freedom Series,” by Johnny Romeo, “Letters from Desolation Row,” Mark Loughney

Converge Gallery

140 W. Fourth St.

The work of  Johnny Romeo and Mark Loughney will be presented at Converge Gallery. Lincoln: The Freedom Series, is a fresh, vibrant and bombastic reinterpretation of classic Abraham Lincoln iconography from two of the most exciting forces in global Pop art and snowboards. A perfect alchemy between Gilson’s innovative approach to design and Romeo’s inimitable Neo-Expressionist Pop imagery, the series sees Australia’s leading pop artist take his work in an exhilarating new direction.

Curated by Johnny Romeo, Letters from Desolation Row is a collection of deeply intimate drawings from Loughney that stands as a testament to the redemptive and healing power of art.

Pedroa Lasch: Naturalizations & Latino/a American: Masks and Maps and Stuart Samuels: Design and Retrospective

Lycoming College Art Gallery

25 W. Fourth St.

Bringing together activities and displays from his Naturalizations mirror mask series (begun 2002) and his Latino/a America mapping project (begun 2003), Pedro Lasch’s exhibition and residency at Lycoming College will engage students and the local art community in the creation of new works. The exhibition combines site-specific mural painting, installation, social practice, addressing a wide range of topics and communities.

Philadelphia and Florida based graphic artist whose work was recognized far beyond Philadelphia, even before digital advantages. Stu began his professional career as a graphic artist in 1960 at Berman Steinhardt Advertising Agency.

For 54 years, Stu’s skill at producing striking visuals for packaging, brochures,and ads earned him scores of awards for excellence from distinguished organizations such as the Philadelphia Art Directors Club. Stuart’s work was influenced by his wife, Ruth Samuels, who helped shape his career and organized this retrospective.