Converge Gallery presents ‘This Region, This Time’

Converge Gallery is excited to present the work of Chad Andrews, local printmaker and instructor, in his exhibition, “This Region, This Time.” This series is a deconstruction and rebirth of Andrews’ artistic process and artwork execution. The exhibition runs Friday through Dec. 23.

Andrews started 2016 fresh and destroyed a lot of his old work that he had laying around in the studio. He wanted to reevaluate the mechanics of how he paints and even the materials he uses in the studio. Through this he developed a distinct methodology to painting and really took his time to create each work of art.

For printmaking he has been busy experimenting with new processes and even brewing his own version of black walnut ink for drawings. Printmakers and art lovers will really appreciate this experimentation.

The opening reception for “This Region, This Time” will be held 6-9 p.m. Friday. The artist will be in attendance during the opening to answer any questions.

Andrews grew up moving every two years for nearly 50 percent of his life. When he went to college, Kutztown University was the first school that he attended for more than two years. This constant change of environments is melded to Andrews persona and is manifested in his approach to making art. Andrews work constantly fluctuates with mediums, techniques, imagery and concepts, and yet through all this change, he remains the constant. Andrews’ recent exhibitions present a variety of directions and ideas simultaneously. This manner of working feels right to him, in a way it is exactly the way he lives his life. Andrews lives on a horse farm, teaches at Bloomsburg University and has a private studio practice at the Pajama Factory in Williamsport. These three very different lives are one to him and are reflected in his artwork.

In a recent studio visit with Andrews, a critic stated that, “If someone thinks they know what you do, they don’t know you.” Andrews took this as a compliment and keeps pushing his life and work forward. Andrews art keeps him observing and participating in the world around him and as this world changes so does his work.

Terms such as representational, pop, graffiti, conceptual, installation, abstract and contemporary, may be used to describe some of Andrews’ work. But the moment you use a name to describe what Andrews is doing, he feels that he is moving in a new direction.

Andrews received his bachelor’s of fine arts in studio art from Kutztown University (Kutztown) and his master’s of fine arts in printmaking from the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia).

He has taught at The University of Pennsylvania 1994-1999, as well as held the position of director of visual arts at the Interlochen Center for the Arts, Interlochen, Michigan, from 2000-2006. He is currently a full-time instructor of printmaking and 2-dimensional design at Bloomsburg University.

His work has been shown at numerous galleries in Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York and Virginia with his most recent solo show held at William and Mary University, in Williamsburg, Virginia, and is represented by Gallery Plan B in Washington DC. Primarily a print-maker, Andrews uses all his skills in his work and often includes a combination of drawing and painting with the print-making.