Shades of Indigo share their talent at Rock the River

It is no secret that Williamsport is home to many talented artists and musicians. In fact, they play a big part in making this city great. Five shining examples of this talent are Shelli “Indigo” Bashnick, Heath Bashnick, Ron Lee, Paul Hively and John Hearton, the members of Shades of Indigo.

“We have all been involved in music one way or another for the better part of our lives,” Indigo told the Sun-Gazette in a recent interview. “The absolute love that each and every one of the band members has for music, I believe, we were born with. But for me to tell you about Shades of Indigo, I have to start with Indigo & Heath,” Indigo commented. “Indigo & Heath is not only the name of my husband and I but also the name of our acoustic duo. We have been playing music together almost since the day we met! As a matter of fact, the pick-up line that I used on Heath was ‘Will you teach me how to play the guitar?’ “ Indigo noted that while she still is unable to play the guitar, she and her husband have been married for almost four years.

“We have been playing as a duo for over five years now and we still play as the duo ‘Indigo & Heath’ about three to four times a month,” Indigo said. “Our very first original song that Heath wrote is called ‘Shades of Indigo’ and is actually a song that he wrote about me and our relationship. One of our friends said to us at one point that ‘Shades of Indigo’ would be a great name for a full band. So that is where the name comes from,” said Indigo.

After Indigo & Heath came together, it was only a matter of time before Shades of Indigo would be formed. “Heath and I use to go and do an open Mic night over at Dominic’s and that is where we met Mr. Ron Lee (also known as ‘The Shredder’), one of the best guys we have ever met and definitely one of the absolute best lead guitarists we have ever heard,” Indigo exclaimed. “So, with the three of us, Shades of Indigo was born.”

“Paul Hively came to us a few months ago and fit in like family,” Indigo said. “He adds so much with his incredible bass playing. Lastly, our most recent addition is John Hearton on drums. Such a great player.”

Indigo went on to discuss what holds the band together. “I think the most important thing about our band is that we are all very like-minded people. We believe that the best and most fulfilling way for us to give back to our community is to give what we hold most dear and that is our music.”

Indigo and Heath were blessed by the community of musicians in Williamsport in 2015 when they tragically lost their home to a fire.

“We lost everything, including our kitty, Spike. When our community of musicians found out about the fire they all came together and had a benefit for us,” revealed Indigo. “They helped us financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have never in my life seen that kind of love and support poured out for us. It was amazing. We will continue giving back to anyone in need in our community for as long as we can. Our bass player Pauly said to me the other day that Indigo and Heath are the heartbeat of this band. Well I say to him: This band is one of the biggest pieces of my heart!”

Shades of Indigo will be performing at Rock the River on the Hiawatha 9:30-11:30 p.m. this Saturday.

“Just having a great time with friends and strangers alike playing some great ‘feel good’ music on one of our community’s coolest treasures: the Hiawatha; that’s what Rock the River is for us,” noted Indigo. “We play everything from Beatles to Stevie Nicks to Adele to Lorde and even some originals. We want to make sure that no matter what your age is or what genre of music you listen to, when you come to one of our shows you will hear something that you like. We want to see people dancing and singing along.”

For more information on Rock the River, contact Indigo at 570-360-1323 or find Shades of Indigo on Facebook.