From London to Lewisburg: National Theatre Live to stream Peter Pan at the Campus Theatre

LEWISBURG — The National Theatre’s streaming program, “NT Live,” will bring J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan to Central Pennsylvania audiences 1 p.m. Sunday at the Campus Theatre.

The Royal National Theatre in London has made available extraordinary productions to over 2,000 venues worldwide for the past decade. While the number of venues has increased each year, there are still fewer than 200 in the United States. The Campus Theatre in downtown Lewisburg is the closest; the next nearest is 90 miles away. The original performances are not edited. Programs like NT Live make it possible for residents in Central Pennsylvania to watch great actors in magnificent productions staged with creative genius.

NT Live seasons have given area residents a range of productions from Greek tragedies and comedies to more recent plays of young playwrights and legends. The stories may be contemporary with intellectual, political, scientific or social commentary. Others are historical. The immediacy of historic and modern stories brought to life by world-class actors engage audiences in the trials, tribulations, torments and misfortune of tragedy, or in the comic delight of carefully choreographed spoofs.

A single theatre performance often includes contributions from all of the arts — from intricate set, costume, and lighting and prop design, to incorporating music and fully choreographed movement of actors, dancers or choruses.

The immediacy of theatre captures the imagination and brings the audience to a place, a time and a situation in a moment that is transformative for traditional and younger audiences.

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