Spoken Word set for this Friday

Spoken Word Season 7 keeps rolling along and for December will feature special guest Lycoming College Poetry major Christopher Cizek on Friday. Cizek will start off the event with new poetry works and will be available for a Q&A session at the end of the evening. After the featured artist, other local poets, lyricists, comedians and whoever else is in attendance are invited to speak. Sign-ups start at 6:30 p.m. and the event runs from 7-9 p.m. There is an admission fee.

Christopher Cizek grew up in Galeton, before attending Lycoming College for poetry, digital filmmaking and English literature. He first got into poetry in middle or high school when his best friend, Nick, was diagnosed with severe depression. Since then, his poetry has developed significantly. He is primarily influenced by the Beat Generation of the ’50s, especially Allen Ginsberg, as well as T. S. Eliot and Langston Hughes. Cizek’s poetry expands upon W. C. Williams’ “no ideas but in things” by infusing strong images with raw, Beat-like honesty and word play, creating vivid and scatter-logical lines that fall into each other. Although his themes vary, he loves to explore monotony, triggering towns and half-certainties, all with the mindset that everything is a million other things, and that they’re all related.

Spoken Word has a simple setup: the mic is turned on and those interested in reading poetry, prose, free style verse, dramatic readings, stand up comedy and more are asked to share.