Dr. Slothclaw brings freak funk to the Bullfrog

Dr. Slothclaw, a “Freak Funk” band, is a funk, blues and psychedelic rock band composed of five members, Garry Slick, bass; Josh Stoner, drums; Dylan Kreiger, guitar and vocals; Brett Noel, percussion and vocals; and Adam Golihew, guitar, keys and vocals; They have created unique, one-of-a-kind music since November 2006.

Dr. Slothclaw will be playing at 9 p.m. Feb. 17 at the Bullfrog Brewery, 229 W. Fourth St. You must be 21 or older to attend.

The band’s name came from this close-knit friend group’s battlecry coined by Josh Stoner, said Golihew. “Years later, when we needed a band name, we just decided to use our old ‘battlecry’ and create a character out of it. Dr. Slothclaw was born.”

The members have been playing together since 2006, originally starting out just casually playing music with one another and hanging out. They realized they had something original to offer and started writing a song — ultimately forming a band.

Dr. Slothclaw attracts people from all walks of life. They have fans young and old, sometimes grandparents, parents, children and even metal heads, said Golihew. The band has won Indie Jam Band of the Year twice and Funk Band of the Year from Tri-State Indie in Philadelphia. They have traveled throughout the East Coast and often play around 80 shows per year; they are hoping to start jamming on the West Coast, too.

Dr. Slothclaw has “huge groovy bass lines, screaming guitars, pounding drums, funky keys and vocal sing-alongs that will leave you drenched in sweat and yelling for more,” he said.

The band is inspired by modern, funk, blues, rock and roll and heavy metal, said Golihew. A few of the bands they jam out to are P-Funk, Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead. They are not only influenced by music. Each member is creative in their own way, whether that be painting to photography.

“We have our own unique sound and there is nothing like us or our sound and we hear that constantly from our fans,” said Golihew. “You have to put your soul into it and create something only you could create.”

This is not Dr. Slothclaw’s first gig at the Bullfrog Brewery. They have been playing there for about three to four years and typically have two sets throughout the year.

Each set is always different, so nothing is guaranteed, but fans can expect to hear songs from “Deep Space Boogie,” Dr. Slothclaw’s recent album, new material they played in December and some favorites from their first two albums, Golihew said.

Golihew has been playing, and listening, to music since he was 11. He has now been playing the bass, guitar and keyboards for 21 years.

To the band ” ‘Jamming’ is playing off of each other with improvisation and letting the music go where it wants to go. The mixture of jamming and evolving our songs, our on-stage antics and the all-around party vibe is what makes the show outrageous,” Golihew said.

Dr. Slothclaw is guaranteed “to bring out the ‘Freak’ in everybody,” he said. “You will never hear anything else like us and that alone should be reason enough” to come down to the Bullfrog.