Movie review: ‘Winchester’

Uninteresting and disappointing script leads to a flop


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Time. The time was more important to me than giving my attention to “Winchester.”

I kept looking down at my phone every few minutes attempting to estimate how much of this awful movie was left.

In 1902, Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren) is the heiress to the fortune of the repeating firearms company that her husband built. However, his recent death has her grieving and haunted by the legacy he left: the ghosts of those killed by the Winchester weapons. With the help of Doctor Price (Jason Clarke), it soon becomes clear that these ghosts are not only real, but vengeful.

The Winchester house in San Jose, California, is said to be “the most haunted house in history.” Therefore, it would be expected that this movie should be scary; unfortunately, it was not at all. The movie tried (I repeat, tried) to scare its audience by overusing cheap jump scares.

Each was so predictable that the pattern became obvious. There would be a still shot, music would fade away, and a ghost would appear accompanied by a loud sound effect. In fact, this movie was so boring that I began to fall asleep during it. That is impressive for a horror movie. Or not.

Much of the dismay can also be accredited to the script. A significant goal of any movie is to make the viewer care about the characters. Not one character made an impact since they were not sufficiently fleshed out.

This resulted in a story that was not worth being invested in. The two lead actors’ talented performances were the only good things “Winchester” had going for it. This was simply a paycheck for Mirren and Clarke.

The negative aspects of the film completely drowned out any good ones.

It took every ounce of my will-power to not get up and walk out of the theater.

I wanted the movie to end after watching the first 20 minutes. I urge you not to see this movie. Do not waste your money and more importantly your time. “Winchester” produced one distinguishable emotion after viewing: regret.