The Frog Prince leaps on stage at Community Theatre League

PHOTO PROVIDED Dylann Eck as Hyronomous and Kaylyn Nierzwicki as Sir Lancelot Pancelot rehearse on stage at the Community Theatre League for the SPROUTS Theater for Children show.

If it’s not easy being green, what’s a frog to do if he is also lonely?

That’s the predicament of Hyronomous in the Community Theatre League’s production of “Hyronomous A. Frog: The Frog Prince.”

The SPROUTS Theater for Children show will be presented at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 16 and 17, with a 2 p.m. matinee on Feb. 18, at the Community Theater League, 100 W. Third St.

This adaptation of “The Frog Prince” by Edith Weiss is geared to entertain youngsters, while also tickling their parents’ funny bones.

“Hyronomous” slightly deviates from SPROUTS usual fare in that, unlike recent shows, there is both a small cast, and the director Julie Hulslander has enlisted a co-director.

As Erica Mowrey stage managed last season’s popular production of “The Elves and the Shoemaker” directed by Hulslander, Mowrey is again working closely with Hulslander, having been asked to co-direct this funny fable.

Hyronomous, a bored and inept frog, lives in a bog in Spamelot. Suddenly a good witch Gloria appears to tell our unlikely hero that he is not really a frog. After all, Hyronomous is a lot bigger than most frogs, and doesn’t really like the taste of flies.

The good witch tells him that he is not only a human, but a prince as well. But Hyronomous can only break the spell and be transformed back into a prince if he is kissed by a good hearted maiden.

The now ambitious amphibian heads off to the castle, searching for such a maiden, only to encounter bratty Princess Gladadiola, and her arrogant finance Sir Lancelot Pancelot, who detests all frogs.

But as in most fairy tales — and fables too — there is have a happy ending.

Hyronomous, after funnily trying to act and walk like a human, finds an unexpected handmaiden who plants the needed kiss on the spellbound prince.

Heading the all girl cast is Dylann Eck as Hyronomous, the inept but irrepressible frog who both hops and high kicks.

Gloria, the no-nonsense witch, is played by Elaina Bartley.

And consistent with the script’s casting suggestions, Bartley also plays Queen Bea. This Queen of Spamelot has a spoiled niece Princess Gladiola, played by Jayla Halstead.

Gladiola is engaged to the painfully pompous Sir Lancelot Pancelot, with Kaylyn Nierzwicki playing the somewhat stupid knight, who is dubbed Lance-A-Lot Pants-A-Lot.

Sonja Hiserman is Delphinium, the kind handmaiden and loving servant, with Brenna Rosenbaum cast as Arthur, the dignified and loyal Page.

There is a funny “rap throw down” about table manners when the frog tries to eat like a human, plus dancing mixed in with rich verbal and physical humor.

Erica Mowrey, a local businesswoman, realtor and former West Branch teacher who is co-directing, notes that the themes of acceptance, friendship and understanding are ones children of all ages can relate to.

“This show’s message is timeless,” agreed Julie Hulslander. “It what’s on the inside that really counts. And in the end, kindness always trumps meanness.”

SPROUTS Productions invite everyone to break the croak-filled wizardry by hopping aboard “Hyronomous A. Frog: The Frog Prince”, which has a running time of just under 60 minutes.

It may not be easy being green, but it is easy and fast to make reservations — faster than you can say “Ribit!”

For more information call the box office at 570-327-1777 or visit