Williamsport Symphony Orchestra presents familiar classics

Photo by JVM Photo.

For the 7:30 p.m. March 17 concert, the Williamsport Symphony Orchestra (WSO) will play the familiar classical tunes that although you may not know the composer, you will absolutely recognize the tune.

“The pieces we are performing are among the most popular classical tunes,” Maestro Gerardo Edelstein said of the selections for the concert.

Opening with, “Les Toreadors,” from Carmen, audiences will be taken to tunes they hear all the time — whether it’s in commercials, cartoons, movies and more.

“We call this a ‘pops concert,’ but there’s a very fine line between that and a pure classical concert. When we refer to a concert as ‘pops,’ it means the music is more accessible and easy listening for the audience. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is second rate music,” Edelstein said. “If you’ve never been to one of our concerts before, this is the one to come to. This is the concert to come and experience the most listenable, accessible, beautiful melodies ever written.”

The symphony will take you through “Triumphal March” from Aida to Vivaldi’s, “La Primera,” a concerto that captures the essence of spring.

Performing the violin concertos will be violinist Max Zorin, who is also the former concert master for the WSO.

Zorin began studying violin at the age of five and gave his first performance at age 8. Studying under many greats, including Philip Setzer of the Emerson String Quartet, he has earned degrees from the Julliard School, Yale University and Stony Brook University. He is also an associate professor of violin at Penn State University.

With his many accomplishments, Edelstein said the WSO is very happy to have Zorin back to perform with them.

“We are very lucky to have him back to play some very challenging, beautiful pieces,” he said. “I think they were written ideally for him — I can say that! He’s the ideal soloist for these tunes.”

For tickets, visit http://www.williamsport symphony.org.