Bald Eagle Art League to debut ‘Bridges’ exhibit

Normally, bridges are used to join unconnected landmasses. This summer, they will be connecting art lovers across the region.

The Bald Eagle Art League will be debuting its “Bridges” group exhibition on Aug. 3 at the Genetti Taphouse Gallery, 200 W. Fourth St. The show, which is open to all members of the league, is limited to two entries from each member and has no designated medium. The exhibit will run through Oct. 2.

“The last few times (we did an exhibition) our subjects were a little perplexing to our members,” said BEAL co-president Mickey Mapstone, explaining how the league’s committee settled on bridges as a theme for the upcoming show. “The ‘Water’ and ‘Glimpse of Williamsport’ shows were a little too abstract for many members, so we decided to have a more materialistic subject matter.”

Mapstone says she has “eager anticipation” for the debut of the newest exhibit and expects to see many local bridges with “a few surprises.”

Though exhibits are a lot of fun for those involved, they do present plenty of challenges as well. Maptsone said that usually an artist looking to get one of their works into a show must first decide on a style and size, before making their choice on which medium to go with. From there, the artist must pick their subject and then decide which point of view to depict.

After all that, one of the hardest part is “deciding when the work is done,” according to Mapstone.

“The actual work is the most fun,” she added.

With BEAL hoping to draw in as many artworks as possible for the upcoming show, Maptsone stressed the need for the league to keep growing and drawing interest from art lovers all over the area.

“We try to emphasize BEAL’s vibrancy as an art group in Williamsport by being consistent in our exhibits, meetings and demonstrations,” Mapstone said. “Moreover, we know the importance of infusing new life in the group and openly demonstrate this enthusiasm in our membership drives.

“We will, therefore, continue to do as much as we can to highlight our existence and promote the advantages of creativity to the community through the internet, social media and interaction with other groups,” she added.