Local cover band Trésco puts unique spin on well-known songs

PHOTO PROVIDED The band Trésco is a three-piece group comprised of Carla Pile, Tim Redka and Jordan Sedlock.

After playing its first show in April of 2016, local pop-acoustic band Trésco has been performing regularly at bars and weddings throughout the area with an evergrowing base of fans.

The three-piece group, comprised of lifelong musicians, keeps it simple with a vocalist accompanied by a single guitar player and drummer. But that doesn’t mean they can’t generate plenty of sound.

The group, which does covers exclusively, plays nearly all genres from the 60s up to the present, while putting their own spin on many of the songs they play.

“We didn’t mean to stay a ‘cover band only’ for so long, but it has just worked out for us and our fans, and the things we get booked for,” said lead vocalist Carla Pile. “We’ve all written music separately or with other bands in the past so it’s definitely been a conversation we have had.

“Regardless, Trésco is still a creative outlet for the three of us,” Pile added. “We work hard to put our own spin on songs and make them our own.”

Pile said that for a long time, she had a fear of performing in front of a live audience. But after some prodding from her future bandmates, guitarist Tim Redka and drummer Jordan Sedlock, she reluctantly agreed to join them in creating Trésco and booking shows.

“After getting together to practice a few times, the guys helped with my self-doubt and hesitation and I finally agreed to book a bar gig,” Pile said.

Once the trio had formed, settling on a name was another hurdle for them. Originally, whiskey-loving group wanted to name their band Jamo, as a nod to the Irish whiskey brand Jameson. They also tossed around the name Three’s Company, but decided they wanted to go with something that had a little more flare to it. Eventually, they settled on Trésco.

“We added the accent mark to make the ‘s’ silent, because we thought that sounded better, but now it just means ‘very’ in French instead of ‘three’ in Spanish,” said Pile. “Oh well, it sounds cool and people get it.”

Though the group doesn’t yet have any music on a record, they do have a collection of 10 songs that have been recorded and will eventually put on an album once there are done being edited. Once complete, the album will be available at the band’s live shows.

Currently, Trésco is slated to perform at Williamsport’s Pine Square from 8 to 11 p.m. on Aug. 10 and 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. on Aug. 24.

“The best part of (being in Trésco) is when the crowd is involved and having a good time,” said Pile. “There is nothing better than seeing people out having fun and knowing you’re playing a part in that.”

For more information on the band, visit Facebook.com/trescomusic or follow @tresco-music on Instagram.