Rapper Rob Jeezz plans on shooting music video in Williamsport

PHOTOS PROVIDED Williamsport native Rob Wilson, who now goes by the stage name Rob Jeezz, plans to shoot a rap music video in the city on August 11.

When Rob Wilson moved away from Williamsport several years ago, he set out to pursue his musical career on the western side of the state and has been doing so ever since. Now the rapper, who lives in Pittsburgh and goes by the stage name Rob Jeezz, will be returning to the city to film a music video on August 11.

“It’s been a while since I shot anything back home and my plan is to go out to Florida after this, so I just wanted to shoot a huge music video before that,” Wilson said. “Hopefully people will appreciate that and help bring it success.”

The video shoot, scheduled to start at 5 p.m., will take place at 458 William Street. Wilson still hasn’t decided which song from his repertoire he plans to use for it.

“I have a couple ideas for it,” he said. “It might come off an album cut. I have a new album that should be dropping at the end of summer — right now I’m looking at around August 25. It might be a song off that or it might be something brand new.”

Since he plans on leaving the state soon, it is important for Wilson to do one last video in the place where he first started recording his own music.

“I left home a long time ago to lay the groundwork for my career in Pittsburgh,” he said. “I started shooting a lot of music videos out here, but now I just kind of want to come home and shoot one before I leave.”

Wilson estimates that he has shot over 20 videos for his music through the years, though only a fraction of those are active on his YouTube channel.

“There are a lot of them that I have taken down because I have recreated my image as a rapper,” he said. “I wasn’t really sure what I was doing way back then. I am still working on myself now, but back then I was still so new to it all.”

Now that Wilson has many years as a rapper under his belt, he is hopeful that many from the community will show up and help support him for the shoot.

“Every video has a different vibe, a different flow and a different style,” he said. “When I come home, I want that to be a hype video.

“Overall, I just want it to be a fun time and get as many people as we can in it,” added Wilson. “As long as we get a bunch of people out, I will consider it a successful shoot.”