Valley Players bring ‘Cliffhanger’ to stage

SUNBURY — The Valley Players are blending dramatic twists and turns with black comedy overtones in their latest offering.

Following last weekend’s opening, The Valley Players again present “Cliffhanger” tomorrow and Saturday at the Packer House, 24 North Third St., as a dinner-theatre presentation.

Set in a small college, “Cliffhanger” tells the tale of Henry, a tenured Professor of Philosophy, who is devastated when his boss notifies him that he is being bypassed for an expected promotion. Reacting impulsively, Henry kills her and, with the help of his wife Polly, tries to stage the killing as a suicide.

The complicating factors in the two act murder mystery include the investigating cop, and a possible witness.

Lewisburg resident Kimberly Eaton directs “Cliffhanger,” enthusiastic over her five person cast’s characterizations.

Tim Bowers portrays the college professor Henry, with Valley Players’ veteran Joanne Lauer as his conniving wife Polly.

Kymberly Best plays Henry’s ambitious wife Edith, with Patrick Alvarez as the sinister student-witness who may have blackmail on his agenda. Joseph Baltz completes the cast as the clean cut cop, suspicious about the circumstances of Edith’s death.

Reservations are required to see the show. For more information, call 570-556-7374 or visit