‘Censored’ exhibition coming to Arthaus Projects in January

Art and Censorship have a long and complicated history. While some artists make it part of their mission to push the boundaries of societal norms, most artists simply believe that their work is sacred and a true form of expression that transcends any limitations put on other parts of society. While the boundary pushing artists commonly receive headlines about their controversial works, many artists that are simply expressing themselves have their artwork censored in one way or another by the exhibition space. Reasons for the censorship vary with some galleries having personal standards of acceptability while other times the exhibitors are forced to censor based on public reaction.

Fortunately, most artists in Central Pennsylvania have not been forced to experience censorship. Whether this is due to the region’s acceptance of challenging art or the lack of major media sources that can incense public reaction is up for debate. Unfortunately, a recent exhibition by an emerging artist from Lock Haven was censored as the works were deemed inappropriate for the establishment in which they were exhibited. Believing that art should not be censored, Arthaus Projects will exhibit the works by emerging artist Danielle Sander as they were meant to be displayed. “CENSORED: The Art Show They Didn’t Want You to See” will be on display from Jan. 4 – Feb. 9. An opening reception is planned from 6 to 9 p.m. for the First Friday in January.

This show features a storyline of painful emotions, disturbing memories and troubling hardships, but expressed through a vibrancy of illuminating colors instead of a dark-muted palette. Creating works that showcase the depths of the artists misfortunes, she has experienced healing and more understanding into her own darkness.

Sander has been drawing since a young age, but after starting at Lock Haven University, she has been given opportunities to explore mediums she never once used. She has always gravitated towards two-dimensional art, but now applying her artistic abilities into three-dimensional works, she have another outlet for personal expression.

Though the work may be grotesque in nature, Arthaus Projects wants to open the discussion regarding censorship of art in our region.


Danielle Sander is a senior at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania majoring in the fine arts. She has achieved numerous recognitions for her artworks and she was awarded the Presidential Purchase Award in 2016. After graduation, she will be pursuing her Master’s in the Fine Arts.

Danielle is drawn to artists who use art as catharsis, an outlet for personal healing. Her objective is to produce artworks that reject the concept of being traditionally pretty. By channeling her own reality into her creations and using symbolism to help communicate the message, she has developed a unique style. Sander embraces this freedom to exhibit the rawness of our harsh culture, but while using a vibrant palette to help create juxtaposition. She wants her artworks to be approachable through the vibrancy, but then shed light on issues we face in our unsympathetic civilization. Recognizing that silence exemplifies powerlessness within our own society, her focus is to create beautifully disturbing works of art.