‘LEGO The Incredibles’ blends action, storytelling

Growing up, children aspire to be astronauts, firefighters and police officers, but one of the more lofty dreams kids have is being a superhero. Sure, they look up to astronauts and first responders as superheroes, but the ones they see in movies and in comic books are just one step above. I was one of these kids, which is why playing “LEGO The Incredibles” video game has hit me with wave after wave of childhood nostalgia.

I grew up with “The Incredibles” and their perfect blend of wit, action and true storytelling; and I have a deep respect for LEGO video games. TT Fusion, the game’s developer, has given me countless hours of enjoyment by injecting copious amounts of fun into films like the “Star Wars” saga and “Indiana Jones,” and their game for “The Incredibles” is no different.

The game is based on both films, but playing the game interestingly doesn’t spoil the films beyond general plot, and even gives purpose to some of “The Incredibles 2’s” not-so-super “Supers,” as superheroes are called. For example, Reflux, an elderly Super whose acid reflux is weaponized, tags along with Elastigirl on a mission for the main story.

TT Fusion does an incredible job of keeping the plot true-to-film while changing it up just enough to give the player a completely new experience. What really impressed me about the game is it’s not just a linear play through the films. “LEGO The Incredibles” is also an open-world free-for-all through the streets of New Urbem and Municiberg, which are decently sized for a LEGO game.

In these cities you can clean up petty crime, destroy nearly anything for LEGO studs to purchase vehicles and characters when available, build and discover collectible LEGO bricks, complete mini challenges, and stop Crimewaves, which award you with special Pixar characters like Woody from “Toy Story.”

If you want to be transported back to your childhood while simultaneously playing a game any adult can find challenge and wonder in, “LEGO The Incredibles” is for you. My fiance and I can play it co-op, and we adore it.