Kira Crissinger to release single ‘Fire’ as solo artist

After spending two years serving as lead vocalist for the alt-rock band Haela, local musician Kira Crissinger is ready to branch out on her own. With a new sound that blends elements of pop and R&B with other genres, Crissinger has a new album in the works and is ready to release her single “Fire” on May 31.

“It was clear we each had different musical goals and aspirations, and it was better off to go our separate ways,” Crissinger said of her decision to leave Haela. “Now that I am pursuing my solo career, it definitely is a liberating experience being able to do things on my own and learn the ropes of the music industry.

“It’s really cool to finally have the chance to take control and create music that means a lot to me,” she added.

Crissinger’s new sound blurs the lines between so many genres because she wants her music to be enjoyed by a wide variety of people. With rhythmic melodies and catchy hooks being very important to her as a songwriter, she always works to incorporate those components into her tracks.

“I want my music to be relatable and something you can listen to when you’re out having fun with your friends, or even when you’re just hanging out, relaxing in your room,” Crissinger said.

After starting to sing at the age of 9 and then graduating from the Uptown Music Collective, Crissinger has honed her voice into a powerful instrument that takes on a deeper tone. Because of this, she draws inspiration from vocalists like Dua Lipa, Rihanna and Lorde, who share a similar sound.

“They each have such unique voices and songwriting styles, and it motivates me to create music that people will hear and immediately be able to recognize my voice,” she said.

Her new single “Fire,” which Crissinger produced along with the help of Eon Zero (Ian O’Harris), is an emotional and metaphorical song about a breakup. After starting out with a more laid-back vibe, the song breaks into a powerful chorus that begins with “You’re ice cold but I blow fire.”

“The song symbolizes empowerment to recognize your self-worth in the face of negative influences,” Crissinger said. “I wanted to symbolize that, no matter who or what you’re dealing with, you possess the strength within yourself to rise above any toxic situation.”

Since the chorus requires so much emotion to convey the song’s overall message, “Fire” is a challenging tune for Crissinger to perform as a vocalist.

“It’s easy to sing a song and hit the notes, but what truly makes a song great is when you put your heart and soul into each line and actually feel what you’re saying,” said Crissinger.

When “Fire” drops at the end of the month, those interested in listening to it will be able to do so on all major streaming platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and YouTube. For more information on Crissinger and her live gigs, visit the KIRA page on Facebook.