Time for Three to close out CAC’s 25th Anniversary Season

For the final act of its 25h Anniversary Season, the Community Arts Center is bringing the genre-defying band Time for Three to its stage at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. With a show that blends elements of classical music with folk, pop, rock, western, country, bluegrass and jazz, the group offers a unique performance that should be the perfect way to cap what has already been a great year at the CAC.

True to its name, the band is comprised of three musicians — Nicolas Kendall (violin), Charles Yang (violin) and Ranaan Meyer (double bass) — who are each classically trained and bring something special to the group. When their efforts are combined, the result is an energetic show that is sprinkled with improvisation.

“Our show is very interactive, it is like we are in our own creative box on stage. It is very spontaneous and I think a lot of times people enjoy seeing the spontaneity between us,” said Kendall. “It is very collaborative, and it is always reactionary — we are always playing off of each other.

“Somebody once told us that our show is like watching us play in the sandbox together with our toys, and they got to watch,” he added. “That sounds a little weird, but that is kind of what it feels like.”

After forming in 2003, Time for Three has performed with many famed ensembles, like the Philadelphia Orchestra, Boston Pops Orchestra and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, to name a few; and has played engagements at a wide array venues, including the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The band has also made appearances on BBC, NPR, PBS and the hit ABC television show “Dancing with the Stars.”

But even though two members of Time for Three went to school in Pennsylvania, at the Curtis Institute of Music (Philadelphia), the band has never played a show in the area before. They are excited for the opportunity to do so, however, because playing music in a small city like Williamsport has some advantages that can’t be found in the larger areas the group normally plays.

“We are a band that has had very lucky opportunities to play in some of the biggest cities and concert halls in the world. But what impacts us the most are the people in the cities, not necessarily how famous a venue or city is,” Kendall said. “Some of our best experiences between us and the audience have come in the smallest cities. We love opportunities like these.

“For me, when I would go out as a classical recitalist, some of the most impactful shows that I did were in these small little towns, where the people are much less rigid about what they like and with their opinions,” Kendall added. “They are very hungry to be moved; they want something genuine and unfiltered. They are willing to give because they are moved by the music. I am definitely looking forward to coming to (the CAC) because of that.”

The CAC show next week will see Time for Three play a mix of well-known classical songs, original instrumental compositions, and mash-ups that blend pop and rock songs with classical tunes.

“We are classically trained, so we take those concepts and pair it with popular music,” Kendall said. “Everything that goes into our writing and how we spin our sound comes from learning from Beethoven and Mahler and Stravinsky. There is a certain approach to sound that you learn from listening to these masters, and that is what is in our head when we play.

“Beyond all of that, the show is extremely accessible. We love telling stories about how our shows came to be, and why we mash up certain songs with other songs,” added Kendall. “Our mashups are interesting, and people are very interested in them; they want to know how we get from Guns N’ Roses to Mahler. We will show them.”

For more information or tickets to the show, call 570-326-2424.