Forklift upset in Limestone Township

No one was injured when this large rough-terrain forklift toppled off of a trailer and overturned at routes 44 and 880 in Limestone Township about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to Nippenose Valley Fire Chief Dean Miller. The forklift was secured with five chains on the trailer that was being pulled by a dump truck. As the truck’s driver was turning off of Route 44 and onto Route 880, it was believed the forklift shifted, breaking one of the chains, Miller said, adding that this caused the four remaining supporting chains to give way. A heavy-duty tow truck was needed to upright the forklift and secure it back on the trailer, Miller said. Traffic was detoured around the intersection until 11:45 a..m., he added, The dump truck and forklift are owned by Robinson’s Concrete, of Linden, Miller said.