New business spotlight on FOREVER FIT WITH LISA

Lisa Ettel worked for many years as a massage therapist before finding her true calling not so long ago.

Now, as certified personal trainer, she helps people realize their fitness goals.

Less than a year ago, she launched FOREVER FIT WITH LISA, which specializes in reaching out to those recovering from various health problems.

Many such people, she said, simply don’t know how to get started on a fitness plan.

“This is the real deal,” said Ettel, who formerly owned and operated the Bodyworks by Lisa, a massage therapy business in Williamsport.

Ettel, a personal trainer and fitness instructor at both the Williamsport and Muncy YMCA’s, said she designs a fitness plan for the client.

After all, no two people are the same.

“It’s absolutely customized,” she said. “When someone is just starting out, you want to look at their high-risk situations.”

Setting goals is part of the process.

Many people come to her after recovering from surgeries. Still others are on some type of medication to control such health factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes or other physical challenges.

A broad-based consultation to determine a particular client’s needs is part of her screening process.

“I’ll look at the client’s past to ascertain how it affects the client’s behavior in the present, healing these conflicts,” she said. “The ultimate goal is for clients to be internally motivated and knowledgeable to no longer need a trainer.”

Ettel does not ignore nutrition in considering a client’s fitness plans.

“When you know the facts about how your body works, what it needs, you will be better equipped to make intelligent decisions about what you want to do to live a healthy and happy lifestyle,” she said.

Ettel, who trains most of her clients in the comfort of their homes, said she seeks to treat the whole person – the body, the brain and the spirit.

More information is at or 435-5270.

On Facebook, it’s FOREVER FIT WITH LISA.