New business spotlight on Leadership Freak blog

A few years ago Dan Rockwell began blogging about leadership.

It wasn’t long before the Linden resident discovered something amazing. People cared about what he was writing about in cyberspace.

Now, he has literally thousands of people following his blogs. And that’s led to all sorts of opportunities he could only have dreamed about.

“I do some speaking. I do some workshops and I just started doing some webinars,” he said. “There’s also some business consulting and coaching.”

And yes, he gets paid for some of these things. He didn’t set out to create any sort of home-based business. But that’s what it’s become.

“I’m just writing what I am passionate about,” he said. “The goal wasn’t to make money.”

Rockwell, pastor of Good News Bible Church and former consultant in workforce development at Pennsylvania College of Technology, said he draws on ideas for his blog from his life and professional experiences.

His Penn College job, he said, exposed him to business and nonprofit agencies and education.

“I designed training for companies. I handled the Internet and computer training,” he said.

Rockwell, 55, said he got interested in leadership rather late in life. He felt it was something he needed to learn more about and concluded there were others like him out there as well.

“I was poor at it (leadership),” he said.

His Leadership Freak blog receives anywhere from 100,000 to 120,000 hits a month. One day, he had more than 6,000 visitors to his site. It is one of the Top 30 socially shared leadership blogs.

Rockwell said he didn’t spend much time researching how best to draw people to his blog. The blog has just attracted people over time.

“Leadership Freak is really me kind of sharing what I know,” he said. “It built up over time. It’s really just been organic.”

Now, he hears from all sorts of people, including top level professionals. Rockwell said he writes his blog just about every day and tries to keep it to about 300 words.

“That’s proof I’m not going to take any more than a few minutes of their time,” he said.

He said he tries to be direct in his blogs and to prompt people to think. Most of all, the blog is something he enjoys doing, and that helps fuel his passion for the subject matter. And, he likes being able to reach out to others and make a difference.

Rockwell’s blog is at