New business spotlight on Stolen Sheep Design

Bill Mauro Jr. wants to offer quality design advertising for the local business market.

Toward that end, he’s launched Stolen Sheep Design, a business that draws on some of his art background.

Mauro is joined in his enterprise by Josh Troxler and Eric Beiter.

The three are hoping to introduce to businesses and other prospective advertisers the type of products that can help transform them.

“You can see contemporary logos in bigger cities,” Troxler said. “There is a lot of competition for that.”

They hope to put their unique brand of advertising not otherwise found locally.

“Our main goal is to get our customers to value their business,” said Beiter, “Because if they value them, others will too.”

Beiter helps drum up business for Stolen Sheep Design and also serves as photographer.

Mauro and Troxler, both Lycoming College graduates who majored in art, are the designers.

An advertisement might start with paint or pencil to paper before being photographed with copy added digitally.

“We work with people individually,” Troxler said.

Mauro said the key with designing logos and advertising for businesses is finding out what makes them unique.

“We complement each other,” Mauro said. “We are combining our talents.”

Their company has done work for Alabaster Coffee Roaster, DiSalvo’s, Lycoming Construction Co., and I.N. Adelson.

They do websites, billboards and various types of print design.

Overall, they are eager to see the business flourish.

“It’s been fun actually,” Mauro said.

Some of their work can be viewed at