Company’s tablets find customer base in Lycoming County

Microsoft Surface Tablets may not exactly be the rage of new computer technology, but local customers are buying them just the same.

“We actually sold out of Surface Pros,” said Dylan Steele, sales associate at Best Buy, Muncy.

Best Buy and Staples, Williamsport, are among the few stores that carry the tablets. The items went on sale earlier this month.

There are actually two tablets – the Surface Pro and the Surface. The Surface, which went on sale several months ago, weighs 1.5 pounds runs only TileWorld apps. At 2 pounds, the Surface Pro is a bit bigger, but runs both TileWorld apps and all Windows programs. The Surface Pro looks and works like a tablet.

It carries an Intel chip that powers many high end laptops. The Pro can run the many Windows programs such as iTunes, Photoshop and others.

“It’s like a tablet with keyboard capabilities,” said Jessie Herrera, sales associate at Staples. “You can separate the tablet from the keyboard. That is the main attraction.”

Keyboards can be attached to the tablet by a magnetic click. The tablet has a kickstand that holds the tablet at an angle. Steele described the Surface Pros as “sleek, operable and fast.”

“Above all, they are part of a new era,” he said. “They have a touch keyboard. Everything now is touch screen.”

Steele said a lot of people called the store about the models before they arrived.

“We should be getting more in,” he said earlier this week.

Herrera said one of the big advantages of the Surface Pro is its compact size. But it has has its limits. The Surface Pro gets just half the battery life of the non-Pro Surface model. The screen and keyboard are a bit smaller than what is offered on a real laptop.

In addition, the Surface Pro offers 128 gigabytes of storage space, but just 83 gigabytes are free. But those limitations may be fine for many people.

“Most people are just looking at basic technology,” Herrera said. “They just want to do simple things like browsing emails.”