New business spotlight on Glow Sunless Spa

Megan Pfleegor wanted to bring something a little different to Williamsport – state-of-the-art tanning without the risks.

Her business, Glow Sunless Spa, 1120 Market St., is now open to customers.

“We are providing a service to get people out of tanning beds,” she said. “Kind of our main focus to educate the community.”

The VersaSpa offers a pH balancing treatment to the skin, she said. Customers enter the VersaSpa and submit to a spray containing DHA, a carbohydrate solution derived from sugar beets.

The mist from the spray reacts with the proteins of the skin’s top layer, resulting in the color change that many people aspire to. Unlike many types of tanning devices, Pfleegor said it is a safe method that does not expose one to ultraviolet radiation.

The VersaSpa has a voice activation system and a drying device.

“People are definitely interested in it,” Pfleegor said.

Glow Sunless Spa employee Leah Gilbert said the VersaSpa offers a great alternative to other tanning options.

“It’s an awesome system,” she said. “It doesn’t do any harm to my skin.”

Pfleegor said the VersaSpa is unique to the local area.

“This tanning is the thing of the future,” she said.

The tanning process, Pfleegor said, takes no more than a minute. A tan typically lasts seven days.

“We offer monthly packages and single sessions,” she said. “We have a lot of products to help the tan last longer.”

Pfleegor said her business also offers custom air brush tanning. She said she had been preparing to open the business since last summer. In January, she began renovating the building site. It included painting the walls, putting in new carpeting and placing in new electrical outlets.

“It definitely was a challenge,” she said.

Hours are noon to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.

More information is at

The telephone number is 326-1104.