New business spotlight on Fit and Flex

It’s never too late to get in shape.

Judi Hubler not only embraces that statement, she’s taking it a step further.

Earlier this year, she and her husband, Scott opened Fit & Flex LLC, 1233 W. Southern Ave., South Williamsport.

The fitness center offers various exercise regimens including zumba, power yoga, circuit training, and kettlebells.

“We offer one-on-one training and small group training,” said Hubler.

Some people, she noted, just come for a work out.

Many others are looking for guidance, and Hubler and other certified trainers will customize a training regimen to meet a person’s personal fitness needs and goals. There’s one-on-one personal training that includes assessments, private weigh-ins and weekly reviews of food/exercise journals.

The Plus Package amounts to unlimited group classes and is targeted at individuals who want “extra accountability” on a weight loss plan but no one-on-one personal training. Corporate training is available by appointment.

“We counsel on diet, but we are not nutritionists,” Hubler said. “We show them what has worked for us.”

Hubler, 53, knows a little bit about why people are hesitant, even apprehensive about jumping into a fitness routine. She said she didn’t really become serious about exercising and nutrition until she turned 50.

Not only has she taken the step of opening a fitness business, she and some of her trainers compete seriously in global kettlebell competitions.

Hubler, Terry Rupert and Stef Bennett are each kettlebell champions in their respective divisions.

Kettlebells, Hubler said, are simply a great exercise for improving strength, flexibility and the cardio-vascular system.

Overall, the business has drawn its share of customers.

“We are giving people what they are looking for,” she said.

The business opened Jan. 1 at the Golden Dragon Family Center, Williamsport before moving this month to its present location.

Hubler plans an open house 4 to 6 p.m. Saturday, April 27.

More information is at 772-4657.

The business is on Facebook at