New gas industry newspaper debuts

“Central PA Shale Play,” a new publication dedicated to information about the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania, debuted on Thursday, April 11. The next edition will be published on Thursday, April 25.

The newspaper will be published the second and fourth Thursday of every month, according to Williamsport Sun-Gazette Publisher Bernard A. Oravec.

Central PA Shale Play will not be available in the daily Williamsport Sun-Gazette. It is a free Business-to-Business publication available only through the mail and high traffic business locations.

Distribution of Shale Play will be done through mailings to more than 1,200 select members of the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, Clinton County Chamber of Commerce, Williamsport Business Association and the West Branch Manufacturers Association.

In addition, copies will be mailed to natural gas companies, state and local politicians, schools, colleges and businesses involved in natural gas production. More than 4,000 additional copies will be made available to hotels and motels and more than 100 additional locations in high traffic areas throughout north central Pennsylvania.

The primary circulation area will be Lycoming and Clinton counties and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. However, the 14-county coverage area also includes Bradford, Centre, Clearfield, Elk, Susquehanna and Sullivan counties.

Oravec noted that the Sun-Gazette has been a leader in local and statewide coverage of the Marcellus Shale gas drilling industry since 2005, but still is limited as to how much news it can dedicate to the industry on a daily basis.

“Shale Play will allow us to consolidate information about the gas industry into one publication,” he said.

Some of the content may be repeated from Sun-Gazette articles, but most is new and fresh, exclusively written for Central PA Shale Play.

Business officials, community leaders and civic groups, he added, have expressed an interest in this sort of expanded coverage. Regional versions of the publication also are published in Ohio and West Virginia and can be read online at

Each edition will include 24 full-color pages of news specific to the gas industry. Content also will include features on companies and individuals, news on legislation, entertainment opportunities, classified advertising, photos and lists of recent gas leases.

“This is an information publication covering the gas industry from different perspectives,” he said.

The need and demand for this publication is strong.

According to Oravec, “The goal is to put out as much information about the natural gas industry, as possible. More information leads to better decisions and a complete understanding of this new way of life for tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians.”